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If you want tried and true, two stroke power, you want a Yamaha 2.6L V MAX HPDI®. For years, these fierce competitors have set the standard for inshore and offshore two stroke power. The world’s first two strokes with Yamaha’s groundbreaking High Pressure Direct Injection, they provide quiet, smooth running power and solid fuel efficiency, all while slicing effortlessly through the water. 

Two Stroke HPDI® Models:vz175 hpdi | vz150 hpdi

Award-Winning HPDI Engineering

Award-winning innovation. Yamaha’s HPDI revolutionized low-emission two-stroke outboard technology. Our two-stroke HPDIs are the only Direct Injection outboards ever to win the “triple crown” of industry and innovation awards in their first year. They received an IMTEC Innovation Award, a Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award and an award from MotorBoating and Sailing.

Designed for durability

Smart engineering. Pistons are made from aluminum alloys compressed in molds under extreme pressure, resulting in incredible durability. Then, an oil-bypass groove around the bottom piston ring ensures the top ring is properly lubricated, further enhancing durability.

Here’s why so many boaters still rely on Yamaha’s HPDI® two stroke outboards:

Incredible Power
With six independent fuel injectors, the air/fuel ratio is fine tuned for each cylinder. This results in quick starts, rapid acceleration and incredible top end.

The Electronic Control Module regulates ignition and injection timing for optimal combustion and instant throttle response resulting in a lightning-quick hole shot and cleaner engine emissions.

Compact Design
A 76° V-block gets maximum power out of a narrow design while still maintaining ample cooling passages. 

Extreme Yamaha Durability
Yamaha’s exclusive YDC-30 Alloy is one of the most corrosion-resistant base materials in the industry. Used with our proprietary ACP-221 Paint Process, it provides an extra-tough barrier against corrosion. They’re both key components of our renowned Ultimate Corrosion Protection System (UCP), which is featured on all Yamaha HPDI® two strokes.

Low Emissions
Yamaha HPDI® two strokes meet all applicable EPA emissions requirements.

Yamaha HPDI® two strokes have set the standard for two stroke power. Let’s take a look at their groundbreaking engineering.

Yamaha 2 stroke engine