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High Thrust Features

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible

Four Stroke Engine DesignSSSS
Powerful 4 Cylinder 60.8 cu in.SS  
Precision Multi-Point Fuel InjectionSS  
Four Independent Fuel InjectorsSS  
Oil/Fuel SeperatorSS  
Labyrinth ExhaustSSSS
Long Track Induction SystemS  
Dual Stage Single Cylinder Power Trim and Tilt  
High Gear Ratio (2.33)  
Optional Dual Thrust™ Large Diameter Propeller○   
Counter Balance Technology  S 
Long Span Mount System  S 
Tuned Intake Manifold  S 
High (2.42) Gear Ratio  S 
Large Diameter, Low Pitch Dual Thrust™ Prop  ○   ○ 
Streamlined Intake Manifold   S
Acceleration Pump   S
High (2.92) Gear Ratio   S
Single Throttle ValveSS  
TCI MicrocomputerSS  
Sacrificial AnodesSSSS
YDC 30 Aluminum AlloySSSS
Phaze Five™ Paint SystemSSSS
Electro-deposited Paint ProcessSS  
Engine Warning SystemSSS
Wet Sump Lubrication SSSS
High Output Alternator SSSS
SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts SSSS
SST Steering Tube SSSS
Magnetic Drain Plug S  
CDI Microcomputer  SS
Thermostatic Controlled Cooling  S
Finishing Line Protector   S
Waist Drive Shaft   S
Fresh Water Flush   S
Power Trim and TiltSSS 
Fresh Water FlushSSS 
External Tilt SwitchSSS 
Spin On Oil FilterSSS 
Anti-Splash PlateSSS 
PrimeStart™  S 
Freshwater Flush   S
Compact   S
Lightweight   S
Shallow Water Drive ("E" Models)   S
Dual Transom Clamps   S
Electrical Start   S
20" and 25" Shaft Availability   S
Steering Friction Lever (Tiller Models)   S
Power Tilt ("P" Models)   S
Built-in Carrying Handles   S
Long Span Mounting System   S
Oil Strainer   S

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible