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Midrange Features

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible

Four Stroke Engine DesignSS SSSSS
Counter Balance Technology       
Long Span Mount System       
Tuned Intake Manifold       
Labyrinth ExhaustSS SSSS
Lightweight Compact DesignS    
Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection     S 
Three-Cylinder Design     S 
Single Throttle Valve     S 
Oil/Fuel Separator   SS 
Long Track Induction SystemS SSS 
Dual Stage Single Cylinder Power Trim and Tilt   SS 
Powerful 4 Cylinder 60.8 cu in.  SSS   
Multi-Point Precision Fuel Injection SSSS   
Four Independent Fuel Injectiors S S   
Lightweight, SOHC (Single
Overhead Camshaft),16-Valve Design
Blow-By Gas Reburning System       
Tuned Long Track Induction System       
Fuel Vapor Burning System       
Powerful 4-Cylinder 97 cu in.S      
DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft)      
4-Valves Per Cylinder      
CDI Microcomputer     S
Engine Warning SystemSSSSSSSS
Wet Sump LubricationSSSSSSSS
Thermostatic Controlled Cooling     SS
YDC-30 Aluminum AlloySSSSSSSS
Phaze Five™ Paint SystemSSSSSSSS
Sacrificial AnodesSSSSSSSS
High Output AlternatorSSSSSSS
SST Drive, Prop, Shift ShaftsSSSSSSSS
SST Steering TubeSS SSSS
Magnetic Drain PlugSSSSSSSS
High Output Alternator on "T" Models        
Single Throttle ValveSSSSS 
TCI MicrocomputerSSS   
Electro-deposited Powerhead Paint ProcessSSS   
On-Engine Fuel/Water Separating Filter*    S 
Water Draining Air Intake Duct       
Direct Drive System S      
Top Mounted Electrical S      
Power Trim and Tilt "LA" Model     S
Spin On Oil Filter   SS
Auto Decompression Device       
Freshwater FlushSS SSSS
External Tilt Switch "LA" Model       
Steering Friction lever (Tiller Handle Models)       
Nitro-Assist ("LEHA" model)     S 
Anti-Splash Plate     S 
External Tilt SwitchSSSSSS 
Power Trim & TiltSSS   
Command Link® System       
Long Span Mounting System       
Labryinth Exhaust       
Yamaha Diagnostic System       
Easy Maintenance      
New Style Rigging Grommet      

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible