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Portable Features

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible

Large Displacement EngineSS     
Streamlined Intake ManifoldSSS SS S
Large Volume Air SilencerSS     
Labyrinth ExhaustSSSSSS 
Water-Cooled Fuel PumpSS     
Acceleration Pump SSS    
Long Span Mounting System SS S SSS
Four Stroke Engine Design SSSS SSS
Tuned Intake Manifold   S   
Oil Separator   S SS 
Streamlined Gearcase   S SS 
Dynamic Balancer   S   
California C.A.R.B. Ultra Low Emissions 3 Star Rating S S SS S S S
Meets all current Federal EPA Emission Standards   S   S
Overhead Valve (OHV) Design    SS S 
2-Valves Per Cylinder    SS S
Precise Carburetor Setting    SS S 
Built-in Auxiliary Priming Pump    SS 
Dynamically Balanced Crankshaft    SS 
Short Stroke Engine Design      S
Rubber Dampened Tiller Handle      S
Compact Offset Crankshaft      S
Engine Warning System FunctionSSSS   
Built-in Start-in-Gear and Shift-in-Gear PreventionSS     
Thermostatic Controlled  Engine TemperatureSSSS   
Wet Sump LubricationSSSS   
Waist DriveshaftSSS    
High Output AlternatorSSS    
Phaze Five™ Paint SystemSS SSSS
Self-Draining, One-Piece Top CowlingSS     
Stainless Steel Driveshaft, Prop Shaft, Shift Shaft and Steering TubeSSSSSSS
Power Tilt ("P" Models)S      
Shallow Water Drive ("M" and "E" Models)S      
CDI Microcomputer*SSSSSS 
Fishing Line Protector  SS   
YDC-30 Aluminum AlloySSS    
Sacrificial AnodesSSSSSSS
Fresh Water Flush   S   
Large Capacity Water Pump   S   
Highly Rigid Gears   S   
Pressurized Lubrication    SS 
Built-in Fuel Filter    SS 
Splined Prop Shaft    SSS
TCI Ignition      S
Splash Lubrication      S
YDC Aluminum Alloy      S
Cast Iron Camshaft      S
Water Resistant Fuel Tank Cap      S
Thermostatic Temperature Control     
Electric Start ("E" and "P" Models)S     
Light Load Manual Starter ("M" Models)SS     
Auto Decompression Device ("M" Models)SS     
Remote Control (Remote Models)S      
Reinforced Tiller Handle with Stop Switch ("H" Models)S      
Front-Mounted Shift Lever ("H" Models)S      
One-Hand Steering & Throttle Friction Adjustments ("H" Models)S      
PrimeStart Auto-Enrichment SystemS S     
External Freshwater Flushing AttachmentS S     
Low-Profile, Compact ShapeS S     
Built-In Carrying HandleS S    
Built-In Resting PadsS S     
Wide Steering AngleS S     
Dual Transom ClampsS S S S
Water-Sealed ExhaustS S     
Shallow Water Drive  S S 
Reinforced Tiller Handle with Stop Switch  S     
Front-Mounted Shift Lever  S     
One-Hand Steering & Throttle Friction Adjustments  S     
Compact   S    
Lightweight   S    
Pilot Water Hole   S    
Electric Start ("E" Model)   S    
Steering Friction Lever (Tiller Models)   S    
Long Span Mounting System   S    
Long Multifunctional Tiller Handle   S    
Oil Strainer   S S   
Multi-Function Tiller Handle    S   
Increased Radius Starter    S   
Side Mounted Oil Drain    S   
100° Range Throttle    S   
Multiple Gripping Points    S S
180-Degree Steering w/F-N-R Shifting     S S 
Easy Storage Oil Retention System     S S 
Standard Tiller Handle     S S 
Easy Start Decompression Device     S S 
Lubrication Check Window     S S 
Dynamically Balanced Tiller Handle     S S 
Lower Cowling Damper     S S 
Built-In See-Through Fuel Tank     S S 
Tilted Fuel Filler Opening     S S 
Selectable External Fuel Tank (Optional)     ○ ○ 
Forward/Neutral/Reverse Shifting     S 
Decompression Device       S
Built-In Fuel Tank     S S S
360° Swivel Steering       S
F/N Shift       S
Tilt Up Engine Stopping Device       S
Pilot Water Blocking Device       S
Split Bottom Cowling       S

S = Standard Features   ○ = Optional Equipment   ● = Available with or without   R = Required   C = Compatible