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3.3L V6 Outboards

f250 / f225 / f200


Yamaha’s legendary V6 3.3L four strokes set the course for today’s offshore power. When they first hit the water, they brought with them several innovations that radically improved low-end and midrange torque, acceleration and top-end speed. This technology was so revolutionary that it garnered not only a BoatingWeek Innovation Award, but also an Editor’s Choice Award from MotorBoating Magazine.

A Boating Week Innovation Award winner

Innovation starts here. Yamaha’s V6 3.3 liter four stroke outboards paved the way for today’s outboard technology and were awarded the 2001 BoatingWeek Innovation Award. 

Four stroke 3-year limited warranty

All Yamaha four stroke outboards are backed by a 3-year limited warranty. For the same peace of mind after your factory warranty expires, check out Y.E.S., Yamaha’s Extended Service coverage. 

Today, our legendary V6 3.3L four strokes are proven performers, and still rock the water with: 

Incredible Torque
Variable Camshaft Timing adjusts based on engine RPMs, increasing combustion efficiency and adding up to 16% more torque in the low and midrange RPMs.

Competitive Hole Shot
A 16% gain in torque in the 2000-3500 RPM range provides impressive time-to-plane and acceleration for today’s larger fishing boats.

Brute Strength
At 3.3 liters, these outboards continue to trump the displacement of comparable competitors. 

Smart Convenience
All V6 3.3L outboards are mechanical control compatible, for easy repowers on boats already rigged with mechanical control boxes.

Ultra-Low Emissions
C.A.R.B. Three-star ratedAll of our V6 3.3L outboards are C.A.R.B. Three-Star Rated for Ultra-Low Emissions by the California Air Resources Board and meet all federal EPA requirements.   

Take a look at the incredible engineering inside Yamaha’s legendary V6 3.3L four strokes.

“I’m not burning nearly the fuel I used to burn with the other guy’s two stroke…and it’s nice not to buy oil every trip.”Rick Ryals

Yamaha V6 3.3.L