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4.2L V6 Offshore Outboards

Digital: f300 / f250 / f225
Mechanical: f300   /f250   / f225  


Meet Yamaha’s award-winning V6 4.2-liter outboards. Fusing power, efficiency, speed and light weight, their intelligent design absolutely sets the standard for offshore performance. And now, you can add versatility to that list. With all V6 4.2L models—F300, F250 and F225—available in both mechanical and digital control, you can step up your power, without rebooting your rigging. Seventeen percent more fuel efficient at cruise RPM*, up to 73 pounds lighter than some competitors and more than 10 years of proven Yamaha reliability. There’s a reason why so many anglers won’t trust anything else a hundred miles out.

Take a quick look at the engineering feats inside the Next Generation of V6 Offshore outboards.

See what offshore enthusiasts are saying about Yamaha’s Next Generation of V6s.

Light, powerful, fast & fuel efficient.

Yamaha engineers have managed to push our V6 4.2L Offshore technology even further, making this new breed of outboards: 

Leading Time-to-Plane
Their class-leading, 4.2L big-bore design means they have the best time-to-plane in their class. When cruising at 4000 RPM, the F300’s speed is up to 19% faster than other 300hp competitors.

Class-Leading Displacement
This next generation of V6 Offshore outboards features the first-ever marine application of plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders. This allowed engineers to increase the displacement to a class-leading 4.2 liters, without enlarging the outer diameter of the cylinder, keeping the motor light. The result is an outboard that is not only the lightest in its class, but that also has the largest displacement. No wonder it’s 19% faster than many other 300hp competitors.

Groundbreaking Fuel Economy 
These V6s feature up to 17% better long-range fuel economy at 3500 RPM than comparable 300hp four strokes, thanks in part to a single, electronically controlled throttle valve, precision multi-point fuel injection and micro-textured cylinder walls.

17% more fuel efficient

Light Weight / Industry-First Technology
Through incredible innovations like plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders, Yamaha engineers have managed to shave every possible ounce from these outboards, without sacrificing a shred of durability or reliability. As a result, they’re up to 73 pounds lighter than other V6 outboards in their class.

Intuitive Control
Available with the Helm Master® fully integrated boat control system in twin-, triple and quad-outboard configurations. 

Take a look at the genius inside the Next Generation of Yamaha V6 Offshore outboards.

Captain George Mitchell

Yamaha’s Award-Winning V6 4.2L Outboard