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F350C V8 engine configuration

Big Power

The 5.3L V8 configuration is designed to easily produce 350 prop shaft horsepower, with less stress and strain on internal engine components than small displacement, high-output outboards. Four oversized valves per cylinder increase breathing efficiency and contribute significantly to this engine’s power and torque.

Sensors maintain combustion efficiency

Optimum Performance/Efficiency

Seven different sensors constantly measure vital atmospheric conditions and engine functions to give the Engine Control Module (ECM) the information needed to precisely and instantly adjust the fuel/air mixture for optimum performance and economy.

An 81mm air intake for optimum power

Precision Air Flow

All air entering the F350C is routed through a single 81mm intake that is controlled by the ECM (Engine Control Module) to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for any given condition. This helps maintain optimum power and efficiency.

Dual InBank Exhaust for combustion efficiency


Yamaha’s exclusive Dual In-Bank™ Exhaust means it exits through the center of the engine between the “V” of the cylinders, rather than on the exterior side, to allow for a more compact shape. The F350C also features dual exhaust, which helps the engine more easily purge the exhaust for greater combustion efficiency and power.

Pulse-tuned intake tracks for midrange power

More Power/Torque

Air enters each cylinder through individual long intake tracks, which are ‘pulse tuned’ to provide air at the precise volume and timing for maximum density and power. The result is low-end and mid-range power and torque.

Saltwater Series XL props for more thrust

Massive Thrust

To meet the demands of high-performance multi-engine offshore boats, Yamaha engineered the Performance XL4-HP 22” or 24” specifically for the 5.3L F350C V8. These four-bladed propellers are available with the Shift Dampener System, and feature innovative blade geometry that gives them powerful acceleration, fast planing, and more grip than traditional three-bladed propellers. 

Hardened bearings increase reliability

Smart Design for Longevity

An engine with as much power and torque as the F350C needs lower unit bearings and bearing surfaces that stand up to the test. Yamaha has not only changed the type of bearings and/or increased their size, but also hardened the surfaces on which they ride, for increased reliability.

Meets C.A.R.B. and EPA requirements

Ultra-Low Emissions

Yamaha’s V8 F350C 5.3L four stroke is California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) Three-Star Rated for Ultra-Low Emissions and meets all federal EPA requirements.


Hardened gears and high-strength bearings

Built Tough

Completely new, its large, streamlined design incorporates hardened gears and high strength oversized bearings and bearing surfaces to handle the tremendous power of the F350C.

New cowling drain system

Anti-Water-Intrusive Design

The F350C features a new cowling drain system, to easily and efficiently drain away water that enters the cowling during normal engine operation. Incoming air is routed through a labyrinth of passages that trap and drain water before it enters the engine’s intake, for enhanced reliability.

Dual water inlets for cooling

Cooling Efficiency

The F350C comes standard with dual water inlets, for increased cooling efficiency. Located on the front and sides of the lower unit, each pair of pick-ups operate independently of each other to ensure proper water flow in a wide variety of applications and conditions.

forged pistons for maximum strength

Maximum Strength

The F350C uses eight forged pistons, which are formed under pressure for maximum strength. The pistons are also anodized for corrosion protection and coated with a layer of solid lubricant for added reliability.

ACP-221 5-layer paint process

Ultimate Corrosion Resistance

Yamaha improved its corrosion protection system for the F350C. Our proprietary alloys, ACP-221 5-layer paint process, and freshwater flush device are just the start. We placed multiple additional sacrificial anodes in around the power head, mid-section and lower unit to draw corrosion away from vital engine components. Then, we enhanced head gaskets, included an anodized exhaust system, and used a special paint process to coat the power head both inside and out. Now that’s one advanced corrosion protection package—and it’s only from Yamaha.

Dimpled cylinder increases cooling

Better Cylinder Cooling

The F350C’s outer cylinder sleeves feature a “dimpled” surface. This helps maintain the roundness of the cylinder for decreased oil consumption, and increase the cooling surface area of each cylinder for added reliability.

Ample 8-quart oil capacity

Ample Lubrication

Oil is the life-blood of any engine. Designed not only to lubricate, but carry away heat and combustion by-products, it’s essential to have an ample supply on hand. At just over 8 quarts, the F350C does.

Strong forged aluminum motor mounts

Strong and Stable

The F350C features four motor mounts made of strong forged aluminum, which means they’re compressed in molds for much greater strength than cast aluminum-type mounts. The oversized mounting bracket features the same bolt pattern and centerline as the F250, but uses two additional mounting bolts for a total of six. It is designed to handle the engine’s power while minimizing noise and vibration.

Yamaha outboards warranty coverage

Warranty Protection

The Yamaha 5.3L V8 F350C is backed by Yamaha’s strongest five-year standard warranty. Beyond that, Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.) plans are available, for continued coverage after your five-year standard warranty expires.

Five-Year Limited Warranty provided by Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. on new F350C model only with production dates of March, 2016 forward.


Tri-Seal Latch System

Water Intrusion Resistance

Yamaha has improved its Tri-Seal latch system to ensure a better fit and seal between the cowling and the lower pan. This means increased resistance to water intrusion for even greater levels of reliability.

Dual Labyrinth Exhaust System

Quiet Operation

Every Yamaha F350C features a Dual Labyrinth Exhaust system that routes the engine’s exhaust through not one, but two mazes before it exits above the waterline in dual idle relief outlets, for smooth, quiet operation.

Adjustable Max Tilt Angle

Adjustable Max Tilt

Due to the myriad of hull designs to which the F350C applies, it features an adjustable maximum tilt angle. With a simple programming change through the Yamaha Diagnostic System, it's possible to adjust the full tilt-up setting on the F350C to meet the requirements of individual applications.

Variable Trolling RPM Control

Precision Trolling

With Variable Trolling RPM Control, Command Link® gauges allow the operator to adjust the engine’s trolling speed from 600 ~ 1000 rpm, in 50-rpm increments with the press of a button on the. This helps provide precise and consistent trolling speeds in wide array of conditions.

Command Link Plus Info System

Complete Control

The F350C is compatible with Yamaha’s latest Command Link® Plus information system. It provides access to more real-time information than ever before. At a glance, you’ll have real-time stats on fuel, trip distance, water depth and temperature at the surface. Completely customizable, its high-resolution LCD display allows you to select your display style, and program it to display preferred combinations of information.

Spark Plugs with Built-In Ignition Coils


The F350C’s advanced engineering features spark plug caps with the ignition coils built right in. The result is increased performance and reliability in a much simpler and more compact design.

Individual Sensors Adjust Combustion Efficiency

Efficient Combustion

Individual sensors constantly monitor the condition of combustion in each cylinder for incomplete combustion and, should this occur, they immediately signal the ECM (Engine Control Module) to adjust spark timing to correct it.