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From dealership and warranty information to picking a prop and finding a part number, we have answers to many of the questions you may have, right here. If you don’t find your Q & A here, contact the nearest Yamaha marine dealer or call Yamaha Customer Service at (866) 894-1626.

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Can a Yamaha Dealer refuse to evaluate my engine if there is a problem that may be covered by warranty?

No. Every Yamaha dealership is required to accept a customer’s engine with a possible warrantable problem for diagnosis. Keep in mind that many dealership service departments have a backlogged service calendar at some times of the year, so a dealer may not be able to check your engine immediately. You may need to make a service appointment for a future date. If you would like to be seen sooner than the appointment offered, you may want to contact other Yamaha dealership in your area to see if you can be seen more quickly.

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Does Yamaha rank their dealerships?

No, Yamaha does not “rank” their dealerships for consumers. However, our dealer locator on this website does show a dealer’s participation with certain Yamaha Technical Training programs, like Factory Trained Certification, 5 Star Certification, 5 Star Gold Certification, and Master Technician. For more information on these certifications click here. When using the dealer locator, look for the icons depicting applicable training that participating dealerships have accomplished.

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How can I find a dealer that sells individual outboard motors?

When viewing dealers on the dealer locator within, dealers that sell individual outboard motors will be identified under the product column as "Outboard motors & Yamaha Outboard powered boats" where as dealer's that only sell boat and motor packages will  have "Yamaha Outboard powered boats" under the product column. 

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How can I find an authorized Yamaha dealer nearby who can service my Yamaha outboard?

You can click on “Find Your Nearest Dealer” at the top of the screen on this page or here for our dealer locator tool. You can also call 1-800-88-YAMAHA day or night, seven days a week to find a dealer near you.

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What does “Five Star Certification” mean?

The Five Star Certification is achieved by Yamaha dealers actively involved in training courses with Yamaha. This training includes a combination of technical course work for technicians, service management courses for service managers, and business management for dealer principals or store managers. Dealers who sell Yamaha marine products exclusively and demonstrate the highest level of commitment to training can earn Five Star Gold, the top dealership certification level available. In choosing a Five Star Gold dealership, you can be confident that you will be able find Yamaha products on their shelves and receive a high level of service for the point of sale and after.

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What is a Master Technician?

The Yamaha Outboard Master Technician represents the highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain. After meeting the challenges of Yamaha’s most demanding training, the Outboard Master Technician is the best there is. When searching for a Yamaha Outboard dealership, you will see this icon,Yamaha Master Technician, for those dealerships with a Master Technician on staff.

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Will it void my warranty if a non-Yamaha dealership performs the maintenance on my Yamaha outboard?

No, your maintenance can be done by anyone you authorize to do your maintenance. We suggest the use of a Yamaha dealership for service and maintenance due to their experience, knowledge, authorization to perform warranty, and the access to Yamaha’s technical staff and publications. Be aware that if an issue arises from the lack of proper maintenance or service, your warranty will not support that issue. For example, an oil change has been performed on a four-stroke engine. Then, the engine fails due to the servicing agent forgetting to add oil after draining the oil. In this case, the engine will not be covered by warranty.

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