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Model Year Elimination

Why has the model year designation been eliminated from Yamaha Outboards?

Outboards do not change from one “Model Year” to the next; therefore a “Model Year” doesn’t communicate anything significant about the physical product. Yamaha plans to introduce new products and upgrades to models on a continuous bases instead of only at the traditional “model year change-over.” By eliminating the model year, Yamaha will be able to introduce new products (and upgrades) throughout the year, which means Yamaha will be better able to meet consumer needs in a fast changing market. Additionally, dealers and boat builders are now better able to carry adequate inventory throughout the year because they won’t have to slim down inventory in advance of a new “Model Year.” Therefore, there is a much better chance your dealer will have what you want, when you want it. Here are answers to other frequently asked questions related to elimination of the model year designation.

How will I know when my outboard was produced? All Yamaha outboards have and will continue to have a production date on the unit. A permanent appliqué is located on the starboard side of the outboard mounting bracket. The appliqué is stamped with the month/year of production for that outboard (ex. 04/07).

What if I want the newest engine or I want an outboard to match one I currently use as a twin? There is no significant difference between outboards if they are the same model. (For example, an F150 is an F150, if made yesterday or many months ago.) When Yamaha does make a substantial change to a current model (For example, the F9.9 family had a completely new block), the models would be renamed (i.e. F9.9MSH to F9.9FMSH) and reintroduced as a new outboard. The use of this new outboard designation will allow you to determine if you have the latest technology engine and to match technologies if you have twin engines.
Please check the Current Model List for all current models in the Yamaha line up.

Do I still get the same limited warranty on my outboard regardless of age? Yamaha has and will continue to begin its limited warranty period at the time of registration for the first owner. Upon delivery, your outboard is inspected by the dealer and warranty registered Online. Your limited warranty starts the day of registration regardless of the age of the engine.

How do I fill out my titling information? Most boaters won’t have to worry about this, as there are only six states (Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Ohio and Missouri) that require titling. Yamaha provides an MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) with every outboard. The MSO will no longer carry a “model year” but will carry a production month/year for the outboard (ex. 04/2007). Because each titling state has different methods for titling outboards, please refer to your local title agency for the most up to date information regarding titling of outboards in the above mentioned states. Since most boat packages are valued in NADA , BUC and ABOS based on the make of boat and horsepower, not the specific year, make and model of the outboard the production date of the outboard doesn’t matter. To put it most simply, the year of outboard manufacture printed on your title is simply a field used by the titling agency.

How will my outboard be valued in appraisal publications? Since most boat packages are valued based on the horsepower of the engine, not the year, make or technology of the outboard, not having model year elimination will have not impact on value determination.

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