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From dealership and warranty information to picking a prop and finding a part number, we have answers to many of the questions you may have, right here. If you don’t find your Q & A here, contact the nearest Yamaha marine dealer or call Yamaha Customer Service at (866) 894-1626.

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I want to repower my boat with a new Yamaha outboard. Will the remote control, switches, gauges, and wire harnesses already on my boat for my old Yamaha outboard be compatible with the new engine?

New motors (except those using Command Link™ Gauges and Digital Electronic Controls) are compatible with most earlier Yamaha rigging accessories and other equipment as long as all existing equipment is in good working condition. Your Yamaha control box, throttle cable, shifting cable, ignition switch(es), oil tank (if applicable) will be compatible. Adapter harnesses are available to make most Yamaha gauge equipment compatible with a newer technology Yamaha outboard. Your dealer can help you decide what needs to be updated. However, also bear in mind that Yamaha’s new PowerMatched™ system components are designed to work together and with your new outboard for the highest level of owner satisfaction.

See your local Yamaha dealer for further details.

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I would like to use my manual-start small horsepower outboard motor to charge a battery. Can my Yamaha’s charging system be modified to be able to do that?

An optional Genuine Yamaha rectifier kit is available for many models. It includes a rectifier, fuse, and wire harness. Installation of this kit will allow an unregulated charge to the battery. Kits are available for the following manual-start engines: 2 Stroke: 8hp, 9.9hp, 15hp, and 25hp 4 Stroke: F8hp, F9.9hp, F15hp, F20hp and F25hp. The part number for this kit is 6G1-81970-00-00. Contact your local Yamaha dealer to purchase this kit.

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Can I change my Yamaha outboard from a tiller handle control to a remote control?

There are remote control attachment kits available for the following models: 2-Stroke: 8hp, 9.9hp, 15hp, and 25hp 4-Stroke: T8, F9.9, T9.9, and F15 Be aware that, depending on your specific model, some additional components may be needed beyond the remote control attachment kit. See your local Yamaha dealer for further information.

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Can I return parts or accessories if unused and still in the original packaging?

Return policies are dictated by the Yamaha dealership you use when purchasing the parts or accessories. Ask your Yamaha dealership what their policy is at the point of sale. There will most likely be a restocking fee with any returned parts or accessories. Electronic parts and accessories are not usually returnable.

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Can the hours of operation be reset on my Yamaha Digital Multifunction Tachometer or Command Link® Digital Tachometer?

The total hours of operation for both style tachometers cannot be reset. The operational hours on the Multifunction Tachometer are measured when the engine is running. The operational hours for the Command Link® Tachometer are received directly from the ECU (computer) on the engine.

Both tachometers have a “trip meter” function that can be reset. Additionally, with the Command Link® Digital Tachometer, a “maintenance interval” function can be reset for ease of tracking your maintenance schedule.

Check your Owner’s Manual for instructional use of your Multifunction Tachometer gauge(s).

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How can I view a parts catalog for my outboard engine?

An outboard’s parts catalog can supply you with part numbers that you can use to order through your local Yamaha dealership. It is very important to select the correct catalog for your outboard. If your outboard is a 2005 model year or older, provide the year and choose the model that matches your specific model number for your outboard. If your engine was manufactured 04/2005 or newer, you need product line, Primary Identification number (PID #), and the model. When choosing your engine catalog, select the PID # that is closest without going over. For example; you have PID #6P2X-1002000 and on the list there is 6P2X-1001500 and 6P2X-1002500, the correct selection would be 6P2X-1001500. Below is an example of a primary identification sticker. The first row (a) is the model number. The second row is the PID # (b,c,d). (PID) Product Identification Sticker

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How do PowerMatched® rigging components ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction?

PowerMatched® means that everything from the key switch to the prop in your boat’s power system is 100 percent Yamaha. And because all these components are designed by Yamaha, for Yamaha, they work together as a system with exceptional fit and function. That means increased reliability, greater corrosion resistance, and maximum hours of trouble-free boating. Yamaha’s PowerMatched™ System has been proven to substantially increase customer satisfaction and reduce failures when compared with non-PowerMatched systems. Please review our PowerMatched® section for all the details of this system.

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Is there an anti-theft device available to keep someone from stealing my outboard motor?

Yes, Yamaha has come out with a security system known as Y-COP, short for Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection. Part # 6Y8-W0035-83-00 The electronic control module disables the ignition system via an operator-controlled key fob, when the operator wishes to use the outboard; a simple command via the wireless key fob activates the ignition system. Y-COP can be installed with 4.2L Offshore models, and F350ca V8's (manufactured April 2010 and newer) equipped with Command Link Plus digital electronic remote controls. It can also be installed on many other models, F40 ~ F90 (manufactured April 2010 and newer), and F115 (manufactured April 2010 and newer) when they are equipped with an optional Command Link System. Consult a Yamaha dealership for further information.

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May I buy parts, accessories, or lubricants for my Yamaha Outboard or buy a new Yamaha Outboard directly from Yamaha?

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. is a distributor and does not sell directly to the consumer. Please take advantage of our large dealership network for all your Yamaha ordering needs. Click on “Find Dealer” at the top of the screen on this web page for our comprehensive dealer locator.

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May I use accessories not made by Yamaha to modify my outboard?

As a consumer you are free to modify your outboard with accessories not manufactured by Yamaha. Please keep in mind that Yamaha is not in a position to test or recommend such equipment. Also, be aware that many possible modifications could reduce the reliability or even safety of your outboard. You should read your limited warranty carefully before modifying or adding accessories to your outboard, as any failures caused by such modification may be excluded from warranty coverage.

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What is my warranty on Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories?

Individual outboard parts & accessories purchased for recreational use come with a one year warranty for defects in material or workmanship with the exception of electrical parts which are covered for 30 days. Warranty coverage does not include any costs beyond the cost of the new part. For example, labor for installation or troubleshooting will not be covered. In addition, maintenance or normal wear and tear will not be covered by warranty. All Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories must be purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealership for warranty coverage. A purchase receipt is necessary for coverage to verify your purchase date. For more information regarding the Yamaha Outboard Genuine Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty please view the full warranty statement below.

Yamaha Outboards Genuine Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty Statement.pdf 

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What is the McGard outboard lower unit lock and will it fit my outboard?

The McGard outboard lower unit lock bolt is a preventive measure tool against theft of lower units, it easily replaces the rear lower unit mounting bolt located inside the trim tab pocket on many Yamaha models 150 HP and larger, not compatible for models with extension adapters between the upper casing and lower unit. Part # MAR-LWRUN-LK-OO

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What is the part number for the rubber key cap for my Yamaha ignition key?

First, you will need to verify your key number. The key number is a three (3)-digit number imprinted on your Yamaha key. Reference that key number to the information below:

• Keys that are between 300-399 and 700-799 will have a rubber key cap part number of 703-82577-00-00.

• Keys that are between 400-499 will have a rubber key cap part number of 676-82577-00-00. Please contact your local Yamaha dealership to place an order.

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