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From dealership and warranty information to picking a prop and finding a part number, we have answers to many of the questions you may have, right here. If you don’t find your Q & A here, contact the nearest Yamaha marine dealer or call Yamaha Customer Service at (866) 894-1626.

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01. How can I verify warranty coverage for my outboard(s)?

To verify warranty coverage, including the expiration date, you need your outboard’s Primary Identification number (PID #). Click herefor information on how to find your PID #. By providing this number, you can ask any Yamaha outboard dealer to verify your warranty through their online dealer systems. You can also contact Marine Customer Support at (866) 894-1626 for verbal confirmation.

If you want to know if a particular problem is covered by the limited warranty, an authorized Yamaha dealer will need to diagnose the cause of the problem. If your dealer determines that the problem is due to a covered defect in materials, parts, or workmanship from the factory as spelled out in your outboard’s limited warranty statement, then warranty coverage can be provided.

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02. How long is the Yamaha warranty for my new outboard?

The length of your warranty depends on model and type of use.

Pleasure Use:
Two-stroke outboard models– 2-year limited warranty
Series II HPDI two-stroke models – 3-year limited warranty
4-stroke models – 2.5hp – 350hp (F350 models A & B only) – 3-year limited warranty 4-stroke model
F350C – 5-year limited warranty

Commercial & Rental Use:
All two-stroke and four-stroke models – 1 year limited warranty.
Commercial usage is defined as any unit that is used to generate income (excluding tournament fishing), or support business operations in any way during the warranty period, without regard to any other type of use or mix of use.

For more detailed info please view the warranty statements below or visit your local Yamaha dealer for details.

Four Stroke Outboard Motor 3yr Limited Warranty

Four Stroke Outboard Motor Governmental Limited Warranty

Four Stroke Jet Drive Outboard Motor 3yr Limited Warranty 

Four Stroke Outboard Motor 5yr Limited Warranty

Vmax Series 2 Two Stroke Outboard Motor 3yr Limited Warranty

Two Stroke Outboard Motor 2yr Limited Warranty

Two Stroke Outboard Motor Governmental Limited Warranty

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03. What kind of warranty confirmation will I receive from Yamaha when I purchase a new outboard motor?

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. will send you a factory warranty card after we receive the registration from your dealer. Registrations are done online and processed overnight. Once registered, anticipate a 2 to 4 week period before receiving your warranty card in the mail.

Keep in mind that you will not receive a new warranty card if you purchased a previously owned Yamaha outboard motor. However, any authorized Yamaha dealer can also check your limited warranty coverage by using a website Yamaha provides for dealers.

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04. Where can I read about my warranty coverage?

The limited warranty statement is printed in the back of your Owner’s Manual. It explains your coverage. You may visit the Parts & Service section to view owner's manuals for 1998 and newer outboard motors or you can order your manual online.

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05. Is corrosion covered under warranty?

Corrosion is an unpleasant fact in the marine environment. While saltwater is particularly harsh, even operation in fresh water environments can cause corrosion. Stray electrical currents in the water around docks can increase the risk of corrosion. For that reason, your Yamaha limited warranty does not cover corrosion. Nevertheless, there is much Yamaha is doing and you can do to protect your outboard and boat from damaging corrosion. Yamaha provides many levels of corrosion protection. Our ACP-221 Paint Process provides a superb five-layer barrier against corrosion. Our proprietary YDC-30 alloy melds aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and titanium for exceptional corrosion protection. We also use stainless steel extensively and provide oversized self-sacrificing anodes in multiple locations on your outboard. The result is Yamaha’s ultimate corrosion protection system – unsurpassed in the industry. To help keep your outboard looking and running like new, be sure to follow your Owner’s Manual recommendations for maintenance. Here are some common steps that can make a big difference: Tilt the motor up, out of the water, when it is not being used. Flush the engine frequently as directed, particularly after operation in saltwater. Rinse the exterior with fresh water after operation. Use Yamaha Silicone Spray or an equivalent high-quality product to put a protective coating on exterior parts and the engine itself. And do not forget to replace the sacrificial anodes when necessary. You may visit the Parts & Service section to view owner's manuals for 1998 and newer outboard motors or you can order your manual online.

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06. What are some items not covered under warranty?

Yamaha’s limited warranty offers excellent protection against the cost of repairing factory defects. Naturally, however, the warranty does not cover normal maintenance and wear-and-tear items, such as spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, shear pins, propellers, hubs, water pumps, and anodes. See the limited warranty statement in the back of your Owner’s Manual for additional restrictions and complete terms and conditions. You may visit the Parts & Service section to view owner's manuals for 1998 and newer outboard motors or you can order your manual online.

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07. Can I receive warranty repair if I need to use a non-Yamaha dealership for a repair?

No, as stated in your Yamaha Outboard Motor Limited Warranty statement all warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized Yamaha dealer.

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08. Does my Yamaha outboard motor have warranty coverage outside the United States?

Unfortunately, no. As explained in your Yamaha Outboard Limited Warranty Statement, your warranty coverage is provided for your outboard while it is used in the United States (but not U.S. Territories), and also in Canada. If you need repairs while temporarily using your Yamaha in another country, contact the local authorized Yamaha distributor for that country. Yamaha will work with that distributor to make the needed repairs as quickly as possible. If you have to pay for a repair that you believe your warranty would have covered at home, present all repair orders, receipts, or other related documents to your local dealer when you return home. Your dealer will be able to contact Yamaha on your behalf to see if any refund can be provided. Be aware that your Yamaha model may not be sold in some countries. Therefore, a Yamaha dealer outside the United States or Canada may not have all of the replacement parts or technical information available to provide proper service. This may unavoidably delay repairs. Thank you for your understanding should this happen.

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09. How can I register my new Yamaha outboard(s) for warranty or transfer ownership of an outboard I bought used?

Your selling Yamaha dealership will register or transfer ownership of the Yamaha outboard(s) into your name.

New outboard motor warranty registrations must be completed by an authorized Yamaha dealership. Only a Yamaha dealer may perform the factory-specified Pre-delivery Inspection, which is a requirement for engine warranty registration. This inspection checks that the engine(s) were rigged and are operating correctly. A Yamaha dealer is also in the best position to provide you with an explanation of operation and maintenance procedures.

If you purchase your Yamaha outboard(s) from a non-Yamaha dealership or from an individual, then contact your local Yamaha dealership for warranty registration or transfer of ownership. Yamaha dealership will need to evaluate the outboard(s) to verify that they are in normal running condition. There may be a charge for these services.

If you are having a problem with your registration or ownership transfer, or if you would like verification of warranty coverage, please contact the Yamaha Outboard Customer Support line at (866) 894-1626.

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10. What is Y.E.S.?

Y.E.S. stands for Yamaha Extended Service. It is Yamaha’s extended service program which extends additional limited warranty coverage for 12, 24 or 36 months. Unlike the limited warranty that comes free with the purchase of your Yamaha outboard, Y.E.S. coverage is provided at an extra cost. Your outboard must still be within its factory warranty period to be eligible for Y.E.S.

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11. What does Y.E.S. cover?

Y.E.S. covers repairs for a mechanical breakdown caused by a defect or faulty workmanship from the manufacturer only. Please refer to your Y.E.S. contract for specific exclusions.

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12. How do I buy Y.E.S. (Yamaha Extended Service)?

Y.E.S. is available for purchase from your local authorized Yamaha dealership. You can get 12, 24, or 36 months of genuine Yamaha factory coverage beyond your original your warranty. If buying from your dealer is not convenient, you can purchase directly from Yamaha by calling 866-YES-EXTD (866-937-3983). All purchases must be completed before the expiration your limited factory warranty.

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13. Can I transfer Y.E.S. from one unit to another?

No, Y.E.S. covers that particular unit. If the customer sells or trades in the old unit, they cannot move that coverage to a new unit.

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14. Can my Y.E.S. contract be canceled?

You may cancel the Y.E.S. contract at any time. To cancel Y.E.S. coverage you must provide written notice to the Yamaha dealer who sold you the Y.E.S. contract. If you cancel within the first 30 days and have not incurred a claim, you will receive a full refund less a $25 administrative fee. If you cancel after 30 days or have incurred a claim, a pro-rata refund will be made less an administrative fee of $25. (See terms and conditions in your Y.E.S. contract for full details).

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15. What happens to my Y.E.S. contract if I sell or trade-in my product?

Y.E.S. is a transferable contract, so you can transfer Y.E.S. to a subsequent customer. This leads to increased resale value for your Yamaha. It is required that a transfer of registration and inspection be performed by a Yamaha dealer.

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16. If there are modifications made will my product still be covered?

Your product will still be covered by Y.E.S. However, any failure caused by the modification to your Yamaha, or defects caused by the modifications, will not be covered by Y.E.S.

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17. What is the TRIP benefit?

Yamaha provides Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection (TRIP) with Y.E.S. at no extra cost. TRIP coverage helps take care of expenses you may have incurred due to your covered mechanical breakdown such as tow in fees, or haul out charges while your boat is in the shop, or food and lodging if you're caught away from home. There is a cap cost, please read your Y.E.S. contract for details.

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18. How do I claim the TRIP benefit?

In order to receive TRIP Reimbursement you must submit valid receipts for eligible expenses to the Yamaha dealer servicing the Y.E.S. covered repair.

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19. Who do I contact if I have questions about Y.E.S?

Your Yamaha dealership is your best source of information. If contacting a dealership is not an option you can contact the Yamaha Y.E.S. Department at 1-866-937-3983.

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20. What should I do if my outboard motor is involved in an accident or an act of god?

Should your outboard motor suffer damage from the unfortunate event of an accident or an act of god, the resulting damage would not be covered by the Yamaha Outboard Motor Limited Warranty or Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.). You can refer back to question 2 of the warranty category to view the warranty statement and a complete list of specifically excluded items.
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