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For those who want to protect recreational boating and angling.

Bass Anglers

Did you know that over 70 percent of boaters also fish? In order to ensure boaters can continue participating in the sport they love, there must be a balance between conservation of our natural resources and access to thriving fish stocks.

“If we don’t protect the fish populations, then we won’t be able to spend time on the water with a reasonable chance of catching a fish.”

–Rick Murphy, Yamaha Pro Angler

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That’s why Yamaha, along with a large coalition of angler advocacy groups, has endorsed Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation. This coalition advocates for an appropriate balance between recreational access to America’s waters and conservation efforts that maintain healthy, sustainable fish stocks. The intuitive online advocacy system at allows anglers to easily write, call or tweet their legislators in less than 30 seconds. Simply visit and select a letter, call, or tweet you would like to send from the home page.  Next you will be asked to provide your constituent information, so that the site can automatically identify your legislators. After that, the site provides you with prewritten talking points or letters and tweets that can be reviewed and sent to your legislators at the click of a mouse. 

Advocacy may only take seconds, but it can have a HUGE impact on the future of recreational fishing.

Dean Rojas

We strongly encourage both freshwater and saltwater anglers to advocate through By changing the course of our nation’s saltwater fishing policies, you may be able to prevent these same conflicts from spreading to your favorite freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds.