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Helm Master®

Digital +


Experience the custom control of a digital system calibrated for your boat.


Every Helm Master component is engineered to maximize the performance of your large, offshore boat. From controls that take the guesswork out of maneuvering and docking to gauges that give you critical information, Helm Master helps you command effortlessly. 

Helm Master is a digital platform, and its components require little dash space. There are no additional control cables, and the Digital Steering Helm does not require any hydraulic hoses at the helm. Helm Master components come with a Yamaha Helm Master limited 3-year warranty.

Enhanced Binnacle Control
The Helm Master Enhanced Binnacle Control handles all the major functions of outboard operation and management. With the push of a button, you can control the speed, throttle, or trim of all your engines, or select your center engines only.

Joystick Docking
When Helm Master is in joystick mode, you can move your boat in any direction without engaging the shift/throttle or steering wheel. Move forward or backward, sideways or diagonally, or even pivot in place just by guiding the joystick. The more pressure you
apply, the more thrust your outboards produce.
Use High Mode in wind or higher current
situations to add RPMs.

Keyless Electronic Ignition
Get everything started in one fell swoop with an RFID key fob. The swipe of a single RFID key fob engages multiple engines. Each Helm Master system includes two key fobs and allows for up to four key fobs.

Digital Steering
The digitally rigged Helm Master steering wheel automatically adds friction during acceleration and reduces resistance during deceleration to enhance steering feel. You can override this through the LCD, selecting "regular" or "high" friction to fit current conditions.

5-inch High-Def LCD Screen
Through the Helm Master 5-inch LCD screen, you can set preferences and automate functions for customized control. Control system settings and view vital boat and engine information on a big, full-color screen. Choose your display style from a palette of colors, digital or analog data and day/night backlighting.

Y-COP® Theft Deterrence
The exclusive Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP®) system disables the ignition and fuel systems with the swipe of your RFID key fob. This protects your boat while you're away.