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Helm Master®

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Command your large offshore boat intuitively, with Helm Master.


Yamaha engineered Helm Master to be pilot-centric, so that every aspect of operation is convenient and comfortable for you. Helm Master makes it less challenging to maneuver and dock in tight quarters, with fluid movement and pivoting at the touch of our innovative joystick. This joystick seamlessly integrates the steering, throttle and shift functions as well as outboard propulsion and direction. Simple and intuitive control—just one of the many ways Helm Master puts the power in your hands.

Central Axis
Helm Master puts you at the center of the action, literally. Unlike traditional outboard steering systems, Helm Master places the central axis near the helm instead of the transom.

360° Directional Motion
Take advantage of 360° of motion and take the challenge out of crowded marinas and difficult docking situations. Whether you want to move forward or backward, sideways or diagonally, or pivot in place, just guide the joystick in that direction and your boat will follow.

Innovative Joystick
The Helm Master joystick combines the shift, throttle and steering functions all in one responsive device. Simply engage the joystick to disengage the shift/throttle and steering wheel. For enhanced flexibility, select either Joystick or High Mode to adjust rpms to conditions. To change your operation style, engage the traditional shift and throttle handles and the joystick turns off instantly.

Real-Time Response
Helm Master delivers real-time response based on your input, automatically adjusting thrust and direction when you apply pressure to the joystick. This eliminates the need to "bump" associated with traditional shift and throttle systems. For added control in high winds or strong currents, activate High Mode with the push of a button to increase your rpm.

Independent Propulsion
To achieve the full range of motion, Helm Master independently positions each outboard to coordinate thrust direction and intensity. Whether this means enacting forward and reverse propulsion simultaneously, positioning port, center and starboard engines at different angles, or setting each outboard to a different gear or rpm, Helm Master will do what it takes to get you where you're going.