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HELM MASTER Operation Instructions

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Learn how to operate your Helm Master boat control system.

Helm Master makes controlling a large, outboard-powered boat intuitive and convenient. Now, our Helm Master instructional video library will make getting to know the system easy, too. Also available on DVD with the purchase of a Helm Master-equipped boat, this educational video library will take you step-by-step through Helm Master’s components, demonstrating its advanced functionality. Watch each of these operational videos and you’ll be a helm master in no time.


Introduction to Helm Master

  • Welcome

    See Helm Master in action, and meet David, your Helm Master Delivery Captain.

  • System Overview

    Briefly review each of the components of the Helm Master system and their functionality.

Controls and Interfaces

  • yamaha helm master

    Electronic Key Switch

    Discover the convenience of the electronic key switch and RFID key fob and the security of the built-in Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP®) anti-theft system.

  • Digital Helm

    Learn more about RPM-sensitive steering resistance and the other enhanced control functions of Helm Master’s digital helm.

  • Digital Electronic Control

    Learn how to program automatic trim settings and make the most of the other conveniences offered by Helm Master’s digital binnacle.

  • 6Y9 Helm Master Display

    Explore the functionality of the 6Y9 LCD gauge and learn how to access engine information, vital system stats and more.

  • Helm Master Joystick Controller

    Dive into the technology behind the Helm Master joystick and learn how to dock and maneuver your boat.

Cautions, Warnings, and Corrective Actions

  • Battery Charge Low

    Learn how to address a Battery Charge Low caution by running engines to increase alternator output and recharge your battery.

  • Derated Steering

    Learn what to do in case of a Derated Steering caution message.

  • Warnings

    See what Low Voltage and Steering Malfunction system warnings look like on the 6Y9 Gauge and learn how to address them during and post-operation.

  • Trailering, Storage and Maintenance

    Learn how to protect your outboards and internal components during trailering, along with some simple steps to help maintain your system.


  • Closing

    Take one last look at the Helm Master components and see them in action on the water.