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Fishing Tips

Instinct and Lure Choice Led Lucas to Winning Catch

Fishin' Vol 9, No. 5

The way Justin Lucas won the recent Bassmaster® Elite tournament on the Potomac River surprised everyone in the 107-angler field, possibly most of all the Yamaha Pro himself. The weather was hot and humid and fishing on the famous waterway had been poor, but Lucas led all four days of competition and weighed in 72 pounds, 14 ounces of bass, all from a single long boat parking dock.


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Jerkbaits Often Overlooked as Summer Bass Lures

Fishin' Vol. 9, No. 4

Yamaha Pro Brandon Palaniuk Fishes Jerkbaits Year-Round for Quality Bass


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Fishin’ with Finelli

Saltwater Fishin' Vol. 8, No. 2

Savvy and always fun to fish with, Capt. Mark Finelli knows his home waters and enjoys sharing them with his clients and friends


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Recognizing Changing Conditions Often Critical in Relocating ‘Lost’ Bass

Fishin' Vol. 9, No. 3

Matt Herren’s recent victory in the Toyota® Texas Bass Classic, one of the most prestigious bass tournaments in the country, hinged almost entirely on the Yamaha Pro’s ability to recognize and adjust to rapidly changing water conditions, even though he’d never before seen the lake he was fishing.  


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Watching Bass Chase Bait Keyed Omori’s Elite Win

Fishin' Vol. 9, No. 2

Yamaha Pro Changed Lures to Imitate Shad

Takahiro Omori’s recent Bassmaster® Elite Series victory on Alabama’s Wheeler Lake underscores just how important it is for a fisherman to be observant of both bass and baitfish activity going on around him. After seeing a bass chase a shad to the surface right in front of him, the Yamaha Pro changed lures, caught that bass, and went on to win with a total of 81 pounds, six ounces.


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Brunswick County’s Redfish and Cobia Revival

Saltwater Fishin' Vol. 8, No. 1

Brunswick is the southernmost coastal county in North Carolina. It extends from the South Carolina border at Little River Inlet in an east-west direction out to Cape Fear and Smith Island, where the county line turns inland toward Wilmington. It varies greatly from the Outer Banks, but is home to a thriving recreational fishing community and offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, from the coastal rivers and backwaters to bluewater action along the western edge of the Gulf Stream.


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Confidence, Past History Led Tharp to First Elite Title

Earlier Success on Other Ozark Lakes Gave Yamaha Pro Lure Choice, Location

Whenever you’re fishing a lake you’ve never been on before, look for cover or structure that lets you fish your favorite lure and technique and gives you confidence. That’s the advice of Yamaha Pro Randall Tharp, who followed it without hesitation in winning his first Bassmaster® Elite tournament on not one but two lakes he’d never fished before


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Wrong Rod Choice Often Leads to Lost Fish

Fishin' Vol. 8, No. 12

Yamaha Pro Todd Faircloth Matches Rod Actions to Specific Lures

Among his contemporaries in professional bass fishing, Todd Faircloth rates as one of the most consistent anglers in the sport, regularly finishing well and always a threat to win any tournament he enters. The Yamaha Pro has a simple answer for his consistency: he doesn’t lose very many fish.


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How to Clean Striped Bass Like a Pro

Saltwater Fishin' Vol. 7, No. 8

Make this great gamefish into great table fare

Striped bass are the most sought after gamefish on the East Coast. So many anglers fish for them, especially during the spring and fall migrations from their breeding grounds in the Mid-Atlantic to New England and back again, that they are highly regulated. Most of the member states that make up the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the interstate compact that manages striped bass, currently have a bag limit of one fish with a minimum size of 28 inches for ocean-caught stripers. 


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‘Burning’ Spinnerbaits Bring Reaction Strikes from Fall Bass

Fishin' Vol. 8, No. 11

Yamaha Pro Matt Herren Uses a Fast Retrieve to Trigger Bass Into Biting

November ranks as one of Matt Herren’s favorite months of the year, but not because he enjoys deer hunting and most whitetail seasons open this month. Rather, the Yamaha Pro knows November means it’s time to burn his spinnerbaits for autumn bass.


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