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The legend of Yamaha reliability isn't the only thing handed down from one owner to the next.  So are the stories. Yamaha boaters share compelling personal accounts of performance and reliability with us all the time. See for yourself below.

Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton

Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton, the proprietors of Charleston Water Taxi, with the 8,700-hour Yamaha F150s.

8,700 Hours Gauge

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Join Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton, the owners of Charleston Water Taxi, as they talk about their multiple sets of Yamahas and their combined 22,000+ hours of run time.

The 8,700-Hour Yamaha F150s

F150 OwnersScott Connelly and Chip Deaton are the proprietors of Charleston Water Taxi. For years they've counted exclusively on Yamaha F150s to power their 40-foot, 16,000-pound catamaran on multiple day trips across Charleston Harbor. These men are no strangers to Yamaha reliability. In fact, they sold their last pair of F150s to a new owner after 6,800 hours on the water.

The latest twin Yamaha F150s have set a new record, and are still running strong after 8,700 verified hours. "We couldn't ask for more from outboards we typically run for more than 10 hours straight every day." Connelly said. 

When asked what they did to maintain their F150s, Connelly answered very simply, "We really didn’t do that much." "Every time we fuel up, we add a couple of ounces of Ring Free to keep the carbon down; we keep the oil changed, and once or twice a year, we replace the plugs and water pumps, but that’s about it," he explained. 

Connelly went on to say, "As you can imagine, we have had to replace a few parts—thermostats, plugs, etc.—but really just basics, which is amazing considering the conditions in which we run and the time we put on the outboards every day."

Now the Charleston Water Taxi has repowered again, and Connelly and Deaton have chosen a third set of Yamaha F150s for the job. "Yamaha will be our power of choice again and again," Connelly said, "You just can't beat that kind of reliability and durability."

But that story’s just for starters. Wait until you hear the one about "Old Crusty".

Old Crusty"Old Crusty"

This eight-horsepower Yamaha outboard went down with a sailboat during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. After five months submerged in corrosive water, "Old Crusty" amazed salvagers by starting up after just three pulls. And these are a couple of the many jaw-dropping accounts of outboard resilience.

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