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Application-specific control of your craft.

Fish directly below the boat, wait for a bridge to open or maintain position at a fuel dock—easily—with Set Point™. The new Set Point suite includes Fish Point, Drift Point and Stay Point modes, which allow you to automatically lock in your position, heading or both.


Fish Point

Fish Point™

Point your bow or stern into the current to stabilize the boat’s lateral motion, and select Fish Point/Bow or Fish Point/Stern to use minimal RPM to hold your position. Fish Point is perfect for stationary fishing directly below the boat, and it’s as quiet as it gets without dropping an anchor.

Drift Point

Drift Point™

Keep your bow pointed in a certain direction and drift. Drift Point uses a dual antenna GPS to maintain your heading. Drift Point is great for drift-fishing a wreck, kite fishing or watching a sunset from the stern.

Stay Point

Stay Point™

This mode “marks” your position and heading, and uses dual antenna GPS and Helm Master’s independent outboard articulation and thrust vectoring to maintain that spot within 10 feet of your mark in ideal conditions, and within a 75-foot circle in higher winds and currents. Stay Point is handy when waiting for a bridge or for your turn to approach a fuel dock.

CL7 Touchscreen Display

Enhanced Dual Binnacle

Enhanced Dual Binnacle

Station Selector

Press this button to select your second station.

Speed Control

Once you reach your desired RPM, press Speed Control to hold or throttle up or down with the touch of a button.


Press this button to control up to four outboards with the port-side lever only.

Trim Assist

Program trim angles to specific RPMs, setting five points throughout the full RPM range. This automates engine trim as you accelerate or decelerate, maximizing performance and fuel economy.

Free Throttle

This button throttles up the selected engine, when the shift function is disengaged.

Center Engine

Press this button to run only the center engine (or engines) when trolling or in no-wake zones.

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