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The all-new Yamaha 90-horsepower In-Line Four V MAX SHO® may be the smallest in the V MAX SHO® line, but it packs the biggest punch of any 90-horse on the water. Its SOHC four-valve-per-cylinder design minimizes weight while optimizing combustion. In fact, its lightweight design combined with 1.8L displacement makes the I-4 V MAX SHO® 90 the class leader in torque and top speed. Add to that the option of a 25-inch shaft and the VF90 is an exciting new prospect for bass, walleye, inshore and muskie anglers trolling on 25-inch transom multi-species boats. The all-new Yamaha I-4 V MAX SHO® 90. A quick, little addition to our V MAX SHO family&mdash;and a day out fishing.

Ultra Low Emission
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The all-new I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is not only the fastest on the water; it’s also the quietest. In fact, it’s noticeably quieter than its closest competitor. It gets even smoother and quieter still when you add a Yamaha propeller with our patented Shift Dampener System (SDS). Talk about stealthy fishing.


Lightweight & Compact Design
Lightweight & Compact Design

Lightweight & Compact Design

The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 features a single overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder, for 16 total valves. (Its primary competitor only features eight valves.) This optimizes engine combustion, and creates class-leading torque and acceleration, all while reducing mass in the cylinder head and streamlining weight.

Best Top Speed
Best Top Speed

Best Top Speed

With 1.8L displacement in a light, 353-pound design, the V MAX SHO 90 leads its class in top speed and torque.

*Testing conducted by Yamaha at Yamaha’s US Test Facility on a G3 Eagle Talon™ under the same conditions and with each rigged for maximum performance.

Quiet Performance
Quiet Performance

Quiet Performance

In testing, the all-new I-4 V MAX SHO 90 was shown to be noticeably quieter than its closest competitor.* It gets even quieter when you add a Yamaha propeller with our patented Shift Dampener System.

*Testing conducted by Yamaha at Yamaha’s US Test Facility on a G3 Eagle Talon™ under the same conditions and with each rigged for maximum performance.

Power & Efficiency
Power & Efficiency

Power & Efficiency

Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and efficiency. Yamaha’s EFI optimizes fuel atomization further enhancing fuel economy.

Ultra-Low Emissions
Ultra-Low Emissions

Ultra-Low Emissions

The new I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) Three-Star Rated for Ultra-Low Emissions. This also meets federal EPA requirements.



Reliable Performance

TCI Microcomputer Ignition monitors throttle position, engine speed and atmospheric conditions in order to precisely adjust ignition timing under all conditions for optimum ignition performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.


  • Charging Power

    The V MAX SHO 90 features a three-phase alternator that produces up to 35 amps. That’s plenty of power for battery charging and accessories, with more to spare.

  • Quiet, Flexible Fishing

    The V MAX SHO 90 offers a 25-inch shaft option, making it a great choice for walleye, bass, inshore and muskie anglers with 25-inch-transom, multi-species boats. It’s also compatible with propellers featuring our Shift Dampening System (SDS™)—for quieter fishing.

  • Variable Trolling

    Features Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®), which allows for precision adjustment of trolling speeds from 550 to 1000 RPM in 50-RPM increments, and even trolling at 200 RPM below idle.

  • Extended Engine Life

    A Freshwater Flush Device allows you to flush the engine without starting it, for maximum convenience, durability and engine life.

  • Multi-Function Tiller Handle (Optional)

    Yamaha’s award-winning Multi-Function Tiller Handle incorporates engine start/stop, emergency stop, gear shift, power trim and tilt operation, variable trolling switch, warning and controls all in one. It can be added as an accessory to the I-4 V MAX SHO 90.

  • Command Link® or Analog Gauge Compatibility

    The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link® 6Y8 and 6YC digital gauges. It’s also compatible with Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP®), the Yamaha theft-deterrent system.

  • External NMEA® Display Compatibility

    Use of a gateway device allows certain engine and boat data to be displayed on NMEA-2000® compatible displays that are external to the Yamaha system. For the I-4 V MAX SHO 90, this works with Command Link®.

  • Power Trim & Tilt

    The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is equipped with a single compact, lightweight Power Trim and Tilt (PTT) unit. The tilt angle can be adjusted with the optional tilt limiter.

  • Y-COP®

    The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is compatible with Y-COP®, the Yamaha theft-deterrent system. This optional security feature disables the ignition system via an operator-controlled key FOB.

  • Vibration Reduction System

    Yamaha’s Mounting System helps reduce vibration by spreading the motor mounts as far apart as possible, both horizontally and vertically. Together with specially designed, rubber motor mounts, it helps to lessen the amount of vibration that is transmitted to the boat.

  • Shift Dampener System - SDS™

    The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 is compatible Yamaha’s Talon® SDS™ propellers. SDS is our patented Shift Dampener System, and it absorbs the force and noise associated with shifting, for a smoother, quieter ride.

  • Wet Sump Lubrication

    The I-4 V MAX SHO 90 uses a pressurized oil delivery system and incorporates a compact and durable oil pump to keep all of the moving parts of the SOHC system lubricated and running smoothly for maximum reliability.

Meet the Line-Up


V MAX SHO i4 90 hp

The All-New VF90 In-Line Four V MAX SHO. A single-overhead-camshaft design with four valves per cylinder and 1.8-liter displacement make the I-4 V MAX SHO 90 a class leader in torque, top speed and efficiency. Even still, it's one of the quietest 90-horsepower outboards on the water. That makes for some pretty stealthy fishing.
Available for mechanical remote or tiller control.

  • Only 353 pounds
  • Available in 20” or 25” shafts
  • Powerful 35-amp alternator
  • Optional Variable Trolling RPM via the Command Link tachometer or our new, helm-mounted remote VTS® Switch

Specs & Compare

Engine Comparison
Engine Type Inline 4
Displacement 1.8L
Bore x Stroke 81 x 88.9mm (3.19 x 3.5in)
Prop Shaft Horsepower 90hp @ 5500 RPM
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 - 6000 RPM
Alternator Output at W.O.T. 35 amp
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Fuel Induction System EFI
Weight † 20" 353 lbs, 25" 362 lbs
Recommended Fuel Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
Recommended Engine Oil Yamalube® 4M (See owner's manual)
Recommended Fuel Filtration Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)
C.A.R.B. Rating 3-Star
Exhaust Through Propeller
Intake 16
Ignition TCI Microcomputer
Spark Plug LFR5A-11
Alternator Output 35 amp
Starting System
Lubrication Wet Sump
Engine Oil Capacity 3.2L / 3.0L (with / without filter)
Recommended Cooling Water, Thermostatic Control
Ethanol Blend Limit 10% Maximum
Gear Ratio (28/12) 2.33
Gear Shift F-N-R
Shaft Length L = 20" X = 25"
Degree of Tilt -4° through +66°
Degree of Trim -4° through +16°
Dry Weight 20" shaft / (160 kg) 353 lbs, 25" shaft / (164 kg) 362 lbs
Mounting Centers 26"
Steering Angle (maximum) 35° from center, either direction
Warranty Limited Pleasure Three Years, Government Three Years, Commercial One Year

† Weight refers to shortest shaft length, and is measured without motor oil, gearcase oil and propeller (except models 25 hp and under, which include a standard propeller). All Jet model weights include the jet pump assembly (weight estimated).

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