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Posted 2/13/2009

Two-stroke outboards are alive and well at Yamaha, and they are also widely available to customers through Yamaha dealerships across the country. While it's true that Yamaha won't be able to provide these outboards indefinitely, the company will be able to ship them for the remainder of the 2009 calendar year.

Dealers and boat builders who wish to keep these outboards in inventory for their customers can stock them and sell them legally for an indefinite period.

Though some manufactures may have dropped two-stroke carbureted engines from their lineup, Yamaha's history of compliant, clean, reliable four-strokes has allowed the company to bank "emission credits" with the EPA. These credits allow Yamaha to sell limited numbers of carbureted two-stokes as a result of an approved corporate averaging plan. Through these credits, Yamaha continues to meet customer needs with these simpler technology outboards.

Yamaha two-strokes are a perfect fit for price-point oriented consumers and currently, Yamaha offers a large selection of two-stroke carb models including: 8-, 9.9-, 15-, 25-, 50-, 70-, 90-, 115- and 150-horsepower outboards.

""There are many consumers who are price-point oriented," said John Rigsby, Yamaha Marine Group National Sales Manager. "A price-point boat equipped with a reliable Yamaha two-stroke is a great solution for many boaters looking for powerful reliability
at a good value. "

"These outboards meet emission requirements in 49 states. Now is the time for dealerships to consider stocking up for future needs and now is the time for customers to invest in two-strokes," said Rigsby.

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