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8,700-Hour F150 Outboard Still a Top Performer

Posted 8/5/2013


Kennesaw, Ga., August 5, 2013 – Performance testing conducted by Yamaha Marine Group showed that a Yamaha F150 outboard with thousands of hours of use can still keep up with a nearly new* F150 outboard – further underscoring the reliability of Yamaha’s most popular motor.
Yamaha tested one of the two 8,700-hour F150s acquired from the Charleston Water Taxi** against the newer F150. A single test boat was used, and the same performance tests conducted on the boat with each motor, using the same propeller and test load.  Amazingly, both outboards recorded nearly the same performance.
Testing was performed on Lake Allatoona, just north of Yamaha Marine Group’s Kennesaw, Ga. headquarters.  The chart below gives a side-by-side comparison of the performance data for the newer F150 outboard and the 8,700-hour F150.
Performance Data Newer Yamaha F150 Outboard 8,700-Hour Yamaha F150 Outboard
Time to Plane 4.53 seconds 4.60 seconds
Top Speed 43.7 (6,000 RPM) 43.1 (6,000 RPM)
Fuel Economy 4.56 (3,500 RPM) 4.32 MPG (3,500 RPM)
*Nearly new test motor had 240 hours of use.
“These tests just prove again that Yamaha builds outboards that last,” said David Meeler, Marine Product Information Manager, Yamaha Marine Group.  “With basic maintenance, the F150 can hold up to near new performance standards even after extreme use, underscoring Yamaha’s trademark reliability.” 
Yamaha Marine Group acquired the 8,700-hour outboards earlier this year from Charleston Water Taxi owners Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton.  At that time, Connelly and Deaton had repowered for the second time in two years with a pair of Yamaha F150 outboards.  In 2011, Yamaha Marine Group acquired the first pair of F150 outboard motors from the vessel, each of which had more than 6,800 hours of use**. The outboards were used to power the 40-foot, 16,000-pound Catamaran, which ferries passengers across the Charleston Harbor.
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