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Yamaha’s Helm Master® Integrated Boat Control System Offers Greater Control with Set Point™ and New CL7™ Display

Posted 2/16/2017


KENNESAW, Ga., February 16, 2017 — Yamaha Marine Group announced today a new feature that gives its Helm Master® Integrated Boat Control System even greater levels of control. With the Set Point™ boat positioning function, boaters now have the capability to integrate all boat control systems and then guide them with global positioning system (GPS) navigation technology.

“The introduction of Helm Master changed the way boaters think about controlling larger outboard-powered boats,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group President. “Helm Master made docking less stressful and fishing on the open water more enjoyable. Set Point takes that functionality and precision to the next level.”

Set Point is comprised of a suite of satellite-guided capabilities designed to improve the boater’s ability to fish, maneuver, and simply enjoy life on the water. Using a unique dual-antenna GPS to provide Helm Master’s operating system more navigational information, the Set Point function provides even greater and more precise control.

Set Point has three primary modes: Stay Point™, Fish Point™, and Drift Point™. Each Set Point mode provides a solution to the tricky maneuvering challenges boaters may encounter every day.

Stay Point keeps the boat positioned near a particular spot; it maintains a selected position and heading. This mode is particularly helpful during times in which a boat must hold a position and heading, for example at a fuel dock, or at a bridge opening. In adverse weather or high currents, Helm Master uses higher RPM and greater engine activity to keep the boat as close to the mark as possible (within a seventy-five foot circle of the set point).

Fish Point enhances fishing options; it maintains a selected position, but not a heading, and primarily uses only idle RPM to do so. The Fish Point mode makes use of a captain’s knowledge in heading a boat into the current or wind, bow upstream or downstream, to maintain a heading. Under normal conditions, the Set Point function will use no more than idle RPM to hold the Fish Point position, which means Fish Point operation is less likely to scare the fish. In stronger seas, Fish Point will attempt to keep the boat on the point selected using no more than the requested Fish Point RPM to do so (up to 2,500 RPM). Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System™ propellers play a role in keeping the boat on point quietly, too.

Drift Point allows the boater to drift the boat with the wind or the current; it maintains a selected heading, but not a position. Drift Point mode is particularly useful to maintain a heading when drift fishing or kite fishing.  Drift Point allows the boat to drift with the wind or current, but stay pointed in the heading chosen.

Each Set Point mode is activated with the touch of a button. The Set Point control buttons are integrated into the new Helm Master joystick and use Yamaha’s new CL7 touch screen display to initially configure the operator’s preferences. Each Set Point mode is user-defined for the needs of individual boaters. Helm Master Set Point hardware includes a dual-antenna GPS and stern-mounted lighting that illuminates any time any mode of the SetPoint system is active.

The Yamaha CL7 display has a seven-inch touch panel screen with full multi-function display (MFD) capability and connectivity. The display offers precise engine and boat systems data for up to four outboards on one screen, along with other MFD functions such as maps, fish finder, and graphing capabilities using its built-in 10 MHz GPS. It is the primary display for Yamaha’s fully integrated Helm Master boat control system, and is the required point of access to configure Set Point.

The new Helm Master Set Point boat positioning function will be available to boat builders in the spring of 2017 and expected availability to consumers is May 2017. It will also be available as a retrofit kit for earlier Helm Master-equipped boats later in the year. Dealers and boat builders should contact their regional representative for more information.


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Helm Master is compatible with new Yamaha V8 5.3L F350 and V6 4.2L Offshore outboards in twin, triple, and quad configurations and 2.8-liter F200 twin applications, installed on new boats packages manufactured by authorized participating boat manufacturers and sold by authorized Yamaha Outboard dealers only. CL7 Display expected availability May of 2017. For details, ask your Yamaha representative or visit 

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