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Yamaha Pro Ish Monroe Wins Florida Elite with 108-5

Posted 3/26/2012

Okeechobee, Fla., March 26, 2012– Yamaha-sponsored pro Ish Monroe scored his second career Bassmaster® Elite Series win Sunday at Lake Okeechobee, boating 108 pounds, five ounces, and leading all four days of the event. The win was the second in as many weeks for Yamaha Pros fishing the Bassmater® Elite Series, Alton Jones having won last week’s tournament on the St. Johns River in Palatka, Fla.

“It feels great, really great,” exclaimed Monroe, who had seen his second day lead of more than 13 pounds shrink to a mere 10 ounces after the third day.  “I just went fishing today and tried some new water.  The fish were biting so well at one spot that I never made it to the area I had originally intended to fish.”

The Yamaha pro actually tried three different places on Sunday, and at the third he hit the jackpot.  Flipping the same jig and soft plastic creature bait trailer into shallow ditches coursing through the bulrushes and reeds like he’d been doing all week, Monroe boated bass weighing four, six, and seven pounds – all before 11 a.m.  Then, about 1:30 p.m., he added an 8-6.  He beat Chris Lane, the winner of the recent Bassmaster Classic® who had cut his lead to 10 ounces by nearly 13 pounds.

“The first day I came in with 34-5 and had a lead of nearly nine pounds, but I certainly didn’t feel confident about winning because these anglers are so good,” Monroe said.  “Then, the second day, after I brought in 24-15 and my lead grew to over 13 pounds, I said on the weigh-in stage I wished I had a 20-pound lead.  When Chris cut it to just 13 ounces after the third day, it showed how quickly things can change in this sport.

“On some lakes like Okeechobee, a10 or even 15-pound lead can be erased with two fish.  On Saturday, Chris had a 30-pound catch and mine was less than 20, but today mine was over 30 and his was less than 20.  I knew there were plenty of big bass in my area, and I was fortunate to catch them.”

Interestingly, the Yamaha pro’s only other Elite Series win came in the very first Bassmaster®Elite Series tournament in 2006 at Lake Amistad where he also broke the 100-pound mark with 104-8.

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