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Precision Propeller Industries, Inc. Introduces the Propeller Bass Boaters Have Been Waiting For

Posted 6/1/2011


Kennesaw, Ga., June 1, 2011 – Precision Propeller Industries, Inc. today launched the new high-performance FXP propeller from Turbo®. Engineered to deliver great overall performance at tournament load, it’s aimed specifically at today’s high-performance, four-stroke bass boat outboards.

“Some competitors’ propellers typically focus on one performance attribute,” said Richie Rodgers, Propeller Business Manager. “The new Turbo® FXP delivers outstanding results along all measures of propeller performance -- hole shot, acceleration, top speed and handling. High performance four stroke outboards have different propeller needs than their two-stroke predecessors, and the FXP propeller is our first prop specifically designed to meet all performance criteria in bass boat applications using these special outboards.”

That performance includes very minimal bow rise during hole shot, and the lower the bow, the greater the forward visibility. (Forward visibility is crucial at blast off in tournament fishing.) At the same time, the FXP provides more overall lift. The result is excellent hole shot, speed and stable handling, even at high engine heights.

Its advanced blade design also contributes to very low steering torque, which means dramatically less operator fatigue.

The FXP shares its blade shape and technology with the proven Turbo® TXP propeller. It also features a square “universal” hub, which allows the FXP propeller to be used on virtually any brand of outboard.

Available in pitches ranging from 22”-27”, the FXP is easily adaptable to a variety of applications. 
The new FXP in its 26”-pitch specification has already been selected as standard equipment by one major OEM. This and other pitches are currently being evaluated for use by other boat manufacturers, as well.

“Having every available inch pitch in the range allows for customized performance right out of the box,” said Rodgers.

Turbo® propellers are designed and manufactured domestically by Precision Propeller Industries, Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Turbo® propellers are offered nationwide through a network of over 2,000 independent Yamaha marine dealers and over 400 independent Turbo® propeller dealers. Capable of fitting and meeting the performance need of virtually any outboard or sterndrive application, Turbo® propellers are also an integral part of “Endless Propeller Solutions by Yamaha”. For additional information, please visit or

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