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Yamaha Introduces the New Talon® SS4™ Propeller

Posted 9/20/2017

KENNESAW, Ga., September, 20, 2017 — Yamaha Marine Group announced today the launch of the new Talon® SS4™ Propeller. The Talon SS4 is a unique propeller that combines instant acceleration and high lifting capability with the stealth approach needed to help dominate flats fishing. The new propeller is specifically sized to fit lightweight, mid-range outboards used on today’s most-popular flats boats.

“Yamaha’s quiet, powerful midrange four-stroke outboards are the perfect power solution for flats anglers. Now there’s a propeller that enhances the approach needed for successful flats fishing, the Talon SS4,” said David Meeler, Product Planning and Information Manager, Yamaha Marine Group. “The new four-blade propeller has a combination of lift, acceleration and SDS™-quiet to deliver the ultimate flats fishing experience.”

The Talon SS4 is derived from Yamaha’s Turbo® FX4 propeller, and features the newest iteration of Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System™ (SDS). Yamaha’s new SDS system greatly reduces or eliminates shift clunk and propeller vibrations that may be present at low speeds. SDS also provides cushioning during high-speed operation.
Four blades provide additional surface contact area over conventional three-blade propellers – a design that provides great acceleration along with bow and stern lift. This design leads to less draft on plane and the ability to maintain plane at slower speeds – perfect when scouting for the right fishing spot or elusive quarry. Additionally, the four blades reduce bow rise and stern drop upon acceleration, which can help preserve the ecosystem (and the propeller) by helping reduce or eliminate bottom drag.
Talon SS4 propellers are made of highly polished stainless steel and fit Yamaha’s line of powerful, quiet four stroke mid-range outboards from T50 through F/VF115. They are available in 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, 22-inch, and 23-inch pitches. There is no special hardware required to install and operate the new Talon SS4.

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