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Performance Bulletins

Pick a boat. Pick an outboard. See the performance.

Yamaha Outboard Performance Bulletins provide in-depth performance information on hundreds of boat and engine combinations.

To see how Yamaha outboards perform on a variety of boats, select your technology, horsepower range, boat type and manufacturer below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Performance Bulletins identify boat manufacturers as either PowerMatched™ Exclusive, PowerMatched, or non-PowerMatched builders.

PowerMatched System Warranty SymbolPowerMatched means that from stem to stern, a boat’s power system is comprised entirely of Yamaha components. There’s nothing more reliable out on the water.

PowerMatched Exclusive builders use only Yamaha outboards for their outboard-powered boats, and PowerMatch each power system.

PowerMatched builders may not use Yamaha outboards on every boat. However, every boat they rig with a Yamaha outboard also features a Yamaha PowerMatched power system. 

Look for the PowerMatched emblem when boat shopping. If you see it, you’ll know that a boat’s been certified PowerMatched by an authorized Yamaha marine dealer, and it’s covered by the PowerMatched Limited System Warranty, in addition to its outboard’s factory warranty.

Learn more about Yamaha’s PowerMatched System. 

Notice to ConsumerThe following pages will provide you with Performance Bulletins prepared by Yamaha application engineers for various boats with Yamaha engines. Please keep in mind that the information and data contained in these Performance bulletins is approximate and subject to many different factors and variables. They are provided as a guideline only and while they may be useful for comparing performance between different models, they should not be relied upon as representative of actual performance. Due to various factors, including your boat’s actual weight and wind and water conditions, your boat’s performance may be different than the information contained in these Performance Bulletins. Please confirm the specifications and performance data on your specific boat/engine combination with your dealer prior to purchase. Yamaha reserves the right to change the specifications and performance data of these Bulletins or engines without notice.