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Yamaha Introduces New 350-Horsepower 4.3-Liter Offshore Outboard

Posted 1/17/2024

KENNESAW, Ga., Jan. 17, 2024 — Yamaha jumps into 2024 with product offerings including a newly-designed F350, which meets customer demand for horsepower diversity combined with premium-level performance and reliability. Engine block and gearcase upgrades give the new F350 a strong core for powering up and going the distance, while comfort and convenience options create a confident ride. Yamaha will also release new Helm Master EX features as well as more pitch options for the popular Saltwater Series II propeller series in 2024.

“Boaters asked for it, and we delivered. The F350 is the perfect big power, light-weight option for a wide variety of applications,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit. “In addition, we expanded Helm Master EX Variable Speed Bow Thruster Integration for single through quint configurations to give more boaters access to the ultimate in boat control. We also added new pitches to the reliable Saltwater Series II propeller line, giving a broader array of boats access to great performance and fuel economy. 2024 is going to be a great year for boaters who choose Yamaha power.”

New F350 Offshore
The F350 4.3-liter V6 outboard boasts larger intake and exhaust valves than the F300 and uses the same diameter electronic throttle valve as the 5.6L V8 XTO® 450 to maximize air movement. Better air flow equals more power as the F350’s precisely mapped fuel and ignition timing match operator throttle demand for responsive performance. A new crankshaft offers a longer stroke, enabling more torque at lower speeds. Sync all this power with Yamaha’s Digital Electric Steering (DES) and exclusive Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust, and the new F350 becomes the standard for an exciting boating experience.

With a 11:1 compression ratio, the new F350 manages air displacement using tailored intake manifolds equipped with 40 percent larger surge tanks, as compared to the F300. Identical port and starboard intake manifolds enable the ideal placement for the 81mm electronic throttle valve that is 8 percent larger than the F300 throttle valve and center-mounted for smooth air flow and responsive power.

Larger intake and exhaust valves and Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) offer air flow advantage for the new Yamaha F350. The Yamaha F350 also incorporates the use of iridium spark plugs—appreciated for their hardiness and concentrated, efficient spark—combined with Yamaha’s new fuel injection control mapping, which produces a longer injector duration than that of the F300 4.2L for more power.

For durability, the new Yamaha F350 incorporates the same water sensor for overheat control that is used on the XTO 450, which helps catch increasing engine temps sooner than traditional sensors by monitoring the temperature of the cooling water, not the block. A size-up in oil cooler capacity over the F300, along with Yamaha’s sleeveless, plasma-fused cylinder technology for exceptional strength, reduce friction and create precise heat distribution.

The vigorous foundational propulsion of the new gearcase is merged with Yamaha’s Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) technology, which keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and away from the propeller at 2500 RPM in reverse to produce high thrust when backing down on a fish and to add more precision when maneuvering around the docks. The F350 is offered in full model 25-inch or 30-inch shaft lengths and 25-inch, 30-inch and 35-inch for late-stage customized (LSC) lower unit models. LSC models are equipped with an intermediate drive shaft and shift rod.

The new F350 cowling incorporates the best in Yamaha offshore motor advancements with its water-draining air duct, while the new cowling exhaust port combined with the new stator fan keeps everything under the cowling nice and cool. The cooling effect is impactful enough to create more available current for the new F350 over the F300 at all RPMS, especially in the lower RPM ranges.

Used in concert with Helm Master EX boat control system, Digital Electric Steering (DES) provides clean rigging and extra bilge real estate that offers smooth, responsive steering and easy maintenance. Mirroring smart functionality on the XTO, the F350 has a convenient, flush connection running through a specially designed rigging grommet inside the rigging tube that can be connected to an automatic flushing system. Manual flush is also possible with a separate flushing connection. The F350 also incorporates the same TotalTilt® technology used throughout Helm Master EX capable DEC outboards.

Now offered in Pearlescent White, Traditional Gray, or new Classic White the new Yamaha F350 will be available in Spring of 2024.

New Helm Master EX Features
Helm Master EX with integrated bow thruster control is now available for single through quint applications. Yamaha’s integration of Sleipner® and VETUS® bow thruster systems is an on-demand, self-activating feature. It works congruently with the Helm Master EX joystick to enhance lateral movement and pivoting by automatically engaging the bow thruster in variable speed to match operator input. The bow thruster also automatically supports Setpoint functions (Staypoint®, Fishpoint®, DriftPoint® and DriftPoint track) and can help keep the boat on track when using autopilot functions.

Yamaha’s integrated variable speed bow thruster is only available through boat builder installation on new boats. The integrated bow thruster control is available now for twin and triple applications. Anticipated availability for single, quad and quint applications is Spring, 2024.

New Pitch Options for the Saltwater Series II Propeller Line
Yamaha brings new pitch additions to the reliable Saltwater Series II propeller. Known for awesome performance and fuel economy, the line now works for a wider variety of boat applications. The introduction of right- and left-hand rotation 14-inch, 24-inch, 25-inch pitches, and a 16-inch pitch left-hand model, round out the Saltwater Series II product line, ensuring this popular propeller is offered in one-inch increments from 13-inch to 25-inch in both standard and counter-rotation.

Yamaha Saltwater Series II propellers are made using highly polished 15-5 stainless steel, which provides extra strength for moving large volumes of water, a longer cruising range and better handling in rough seas.

The new Saltwater Series II pitches will be available in Spring 2024.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Engine Systems, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit
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