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Yamaha Remote and Digital Electronic Controls set the standard for operator comfort, convenience and flexibility. Their intuitive, ergonomic designs allow for virtually effortless, one-hand control of throttle and shift functions, and allow for surprisingly easy command of hundreds of horses.

COMMAND LINK® PLUS Digital Electronic Control System

Key Switch Panel

Key Switch Panel. Energize the ignition systems of up to three outboards with just one key.

5-inch LCD Display

LCD Display. Monitor multiple outboards and fuel tanks on one five-inch, color LCD screen.

Digital Electronic Control

Digital Electronic Control. Precisely control up to four compatible Yamaha outboards with one two-handle control.

Start/Stop Panel

Start/Stop Panels. Successively start and simultaneously stop multiple engines with the touch of a button.

Command Link Plus is optional on the F350 and the 4.2L V6 Offshore models and can also work in specific applications on early Yamaha V8 and F250B models. See Yamaha rigging information for details and requirements.

Command Link® Plus Digital Electronic Controls

These smart, ergonomic, drive-by-wire controls allow for effortless single-, twin-, triple and even quad-engine control, one-hand operation of both throttle and shift functions and provide a separate electronic control unit for each outboard.

Command Link Plus Single Binnacle

Command Link® Plus
Single Binnacle Control

Command Link Plus Flush-Mount Binnacle

Command Link® Plus
Flush-Mount Binnacle Control

For multiple-engine applications, these controls feature automatic engine RPM synchronization. Not only that, but in quad configurations, the control box syncs port and port center engines together, and starboard and starboard center engines together. Commanding hundreds of horses doesn’t get much easier than this.

Command Link Plus Quad Binnacle

Command Link® Plus
Quad Binnacle Control

Command Link Plus Triple Binnacle

Command Link® Plus
Triple Binnacle Control

Command Link Plus Twin Binnacle

Command Link® Plus
Twin Binnacle Control

Mechanical Controls

Available in Stylish Chrome or Standard Painted finishes, these mechanical remote controls allow for effortless, one-hand operation of up to three outboards, at the same time. Their intuitive designs place a thumb-operated, engine trim/tilt switch comfortably on the handle, and feature easily accessible neutral warm-up controls and externally adjustable throttle friction.

Controls are available in top-mount binnacle, flush side-mount or side-mount styles to fit the space and application.

Premium Mechanical Twin Binnacle

704 Premium
Twin Binnacle Control

Premium Mechanical Single Binnacle

704 Premium
Single Binnacle Control

Standard Mechanical Single Binnacle

704 Standard
Single Binnacle Control

Standard Mechanical Flush Side-Mount Binnacle

704 Standard
6X3 Flush Mount Control