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    Maintenance Matters With Steve Pennaz

    POSTED 8/31/2022
    From their painstaking design to their meticulous construction, Yamaha outboards are manufactured to provide you with years of enjoyment. But high load, high-RPM operation, extreme temperatures and humidity, saltwater, sun, even long periods of non-use can all exact a heavy toll. Regular maintenance is important in helping your outboard meet the demands of these challenging environments, and only you can make sure it happens.Yamaha ambassador Steve Pennaz takes you through many of the most common maintenance points to help you get the most out of your engine, and to keep you out on the water. Learn More at
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    2022 (Saltwater Playbook with Captain George Mitchell)

    POSTED 5/28/2022
    In this season of Saltwater Playbook, captain George Mitchell will be covering a gamut of topics from beach fishing to offshore lures, and from tackle tips to engine maintenance. Enjoy all 13 short but info-packed segments.
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    MyYamahaOutboards App & Portal Quickstart

    POSTED 8/11/2021
    The new MyYamahaOutbords app makes boating more fun, helps you keep track of service, the places you've been, and may add to the overall value and enjoyment of your boat. Setting up and using MyYamahaOutboards is simple, and this series of short videos is designed to help you breeze through the process in no time. Let's get started! For more information Visit
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    Saltwater Playbook (Season 2021)

    POSTED 8/10/2021
    Join us for another great season of Saltwater Playbook with Captain George Mitchell. All thirteen episodes, each less than 3 minutes, are packed with tried and true techniques that are sure to improve your skills. Segments cover topics from catching live bait, to finding fish offshore, tides, knots, product reviews, and much more. 
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    Yamaha Boating Academy (SEASON 1)

    POSTED 8/09/2021
    Join us in this boating 101 series of educational videos by Yamaha Professional Angler Tyler Anderson. These videos are designed to cover the essentials of boating for the new boater, and as a back-to-basics refresher course for all boaters.