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Maintenance Matters® A Simple Guide for the longevity of your Outboard


Why Maintenance?
From their painstaking design to their meticulous construction, Yamaha outboards are manufactured to provide you with years of enjoyment.
But high load, high-RPM operation, extreme temperatures and humidity, saltwater, sun, even long periods of non-use can all exact a heavy toll. Regular maintenance is important in helping your outboard meet the demands of these challenging environments, and only you can make sure it happens.
Benefits of Maintenance 
Spending a relatively small amount of time making sure your outboard is in proper condition is simple to do, and:
  • You’ll have more hours of trouble-free enjoyment on the water.
  • You’ll preserve your investment with a higher resale value.
  • Your boat will be ready when you are.
  • It’s easier and costs less to maintain than repair.
  • Yamaha dealers stand ready to help.
So what are the basics? Keep your outboard ready to run with basic maintenance like:
Professional Maintenance
Outboard maintenance doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Whether you do it all yourself or have one of approximately 2,000 authorized Yamaha Marine dealers do parts of it for you, we’re committed to helping you maintain your outboard in a way that’s easy to do and easy to understand. 


Your boat and outboard at your fingertips.

The Siren Connected Boat App
Dealer-completed service. DIY maintenance. Track it all with the Siren Connected Boat app. It puts a full maintenance history at your fingertips. Plus, you can remotely monitor and control critical boat systems and security, and more when properly equipped.


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