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Many maintenance procedures can be done by a mechanically inclined owner with proper tools. Review your owner’s manual maintenance chart or online maintenance schedules for information on maintenance that you can do. Remember, however, that some procedures should be done by your authorized Yamaha dealership, such as checking valve clearance and inspecting a timing belt. Also remember that only your Yamaha dealer can perform service work covered under your Yamaha limited warranty. If you do perform your own maintenance, please remember to help protect the environment by properly disposing used fluids and maintenance parts according to local regulations.
Never start your engine out of water unless you are using an external lower-unit flushing adapter, commonly known as “ear muffs” designed for your type of outboard motor (not the integral Freshwater Flush Adapter found on some engines) to provide cooling water from a garden hose. Otherwise, you could damage or seize the engine. Operate at no more than an advanced idle with good water pressure. Never put the engine in gear; only use the warm-up lever to advance the throttle. Never leave an engine running on a flush attachment unattended.
No. Automotive oils are not designed for the operating conditions of outboard motors, particularly moisture, cooler operating temperatures, and extended full-throttle operation under load. Oils for your car do not contain, for example, sufficient quantities of the superior rust and corrosion-resistant additives found in quality FC-W oil. Oil with the FC-W rating from the NMMA® is specifically formulated for the tough marine environment. Yamalube® 4-M FC-W meets or exceeds all FC-Wrequirements.

Yes, but make sure the oil you choose is FC-W® rated for marine use. Yamalube 4M FC-W® Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Marine Motor Oil. It’s a Group IV fully synthetic oil that provides the best outboard lubrication and performance. Additionally it is FC-W® rated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA®). Yamalube 4M synthetic contains all of the benefits of mineral oil-based Yamalube 4M, with increased lubricity for lower friction levels and potentially improved fuel economy. Specific marine additives help combat rust, corrosion, varnish, and wear; all while providing high levels of bearing protection, resistance to foaming, and lubrication.

Yamalube 4M FC-W® Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Marine Motor Oil is specified for all Yamaha V MAX SHO® outboards.

The Yamaha Outboard Master Technician represents the highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain. After meeting the challenges of Yamaha’s most demanding training, the Outboard Master Technician is the best there is. When searching for a Yamaha Outboard dealership, you will see the "Master Technician" list under Details and Certifications if the dealership has a Master Technician on staff.

Individual outboard parts & accessories purchased for pleasure use come with a one (1) year warranty against defects in material or workmanship and ninety (90) days for commercial use, with the exception of outboard electrical components which are covered for thirty (30) days. Yamaha apparel comes with a ninety (90) day warranty period. Warranty coverage does not include any costs beyond the cost of repairing or replacing the new part. For example, labor for installation or troubleshooting will not be covered. In addition, maintenance or normal wear and tear will not be covered by warranty. All Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories must be purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealership for warranty coverage. A purchase receipt is necessary for coverage to verify your purchase date. For more information regarding the Yamaha Outboard Genuine Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty please view the full warranty statement below.

Yamaha Outboards Genuine Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty Statement.pdf
All Yamaha outboards have a minimum water pressure of eleven (11) psi at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). There are no water pressure specifications for low or mid-range operation. This is due to our high volume low pressure cooling system design. In fact, you may see zero pressure at idle, as most water pressure sensors start working at 3-psi.
No, your maintenance can be done by anyone you authorize to do your maintenance. We suggest the use of a Yamaha dealership for service and maintenance due to their experience, knowledge, authorization to perform warranty, and the access to Yamaha’s technical staff and publications. Be aware that if an issue arises from the lack of proper maintenance or service, your limited warranty will not support that issue.