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The total hours of operation for both style tachometers cannot be reset. The operational hours on the Multifunction Tachometer are measured when the engine is running. The operational hours for the Command Link® Tachometer are received directly from the ECU (computer) on the engine.

Both tachometers have a "trip meter" function that can be reset. Additionally, with the Command Link® Digital Tachometer, a “maintenance interval” function can be reset for ease of tracking your maintenance schedule.

Check your Owner’s Manual for more information about the use of your Yamaha Multifunction Tachometer gauge(s).
PowerMatched® means that all of the major components in your boat’s power system is 100 percent Yamaha. These components are designed by Yamaha, for Yamaha, and they work together as a system with exceptional fit and function. That means increased reliability, greater corrosion resistance, and maximum hours of trouble-free boating. Yamaha’s PowerMatched System has been proven to substantially increase customer satisfaction and reduce failures when compared with non-PowerMatched systems. Please review our PowerMatched® section for all the details of this system.
Your local Yamaha dealer can help you determine if your existing rigging components are compatible with the motor you have decided to repower with.