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Choosing the right propeller is very important. There are different designs, sizes, and shapes to most effectively meet specific performance requirements. There is no one type or style of propeller that is perfect for all boating applications. Yamaha has several resources that can be used to help you choose the correct propeller for your boating requirements.

Performance Bulletins - Yamaha Outboard Performance Bulletins provide in-depth performance information on hundreds of boat packages with the best performing propeller.

Prop Selector – A step-by-step online tool that can help you determine the correct propeller for your application or needs.

Yamaha Marine Rigging Catalog – Provide a complete description of the entire Yamaha and Turbo propeller line-up.

Additionally your local authorized Yamaha Marine dealer is an excellent resource to help you make the best selection.

The numbers represent the pitch size and the letter is a code that represents the propeller series. The letter code identifies to your dealer what range of outboard motor the propeller is designed to fit. For example- a 17M is a 17" pitch M series designed for outboard motors from 150~300 HP. Below is a diagram showing where you may find this information; locations can differ from prop to prop.