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National Safe Boating Week: The Kickoff to Boating Season

May is here – it’s time to get out on the water! The official start of boating season is National Safe Boating Week (NSBW), which takes place May 20th- 26th this year. NSBW is the annual launch to the National Safe Boating Council’s Safe Boating Campaign. The goal is to encourage boaters to take all necessary safety precautions anytime they’re recreating on the water. The festivities begin with “Wear Your Life Jacket at Work Day”, an event that encourages boaters to normalize life jacket wear. Steps as simple as wearing a life jacket add layers of protection and maximize time on the water creating lasting memories with friends and family – safely.

Where You’re Going, You Don’t Need Roads Northern Escape

It’s hard to get to but Voyageurs National Park is the perfect escape for boaters wanting to leave the rat race behind.

Sitting at the top of Minnesota at the Canadian border is one of the largest and least popular national parks in the United States. Last year, Voyageurs National Park was visited by only 221,434 people, which ranked it as the 14th least-visited national park.
So why is it so unpopular? It is purposely designed to be visited by boat only, leaving the summer hordes of four-wheel campers to go elsewhere. Of its 163 waterfront campsites scattered among 218,000 acres, all but two are accessible only by boat. And those two primitive sites require a hike to reach. The park is appropriately named for the French/Canadian Voyageurs who explored the area by canoe and boaters today see the same view as those intrepid explorers: a pristine wilderness that just happens to have some of the best fishing in America. Within the park are four large lakes and 26 smaller lakes, that make up about 40 percent of the park. The rest is a spectacularly forested mainland and more than 500 islands.


Freshwater Flushing Adds Years to the Life of an Outboard

Most of us take good care of our marine equipment. We wash and wax our boats and outboards, change the oil and oil filter regularly, and replace the fuel filters. But what about your outboard’s cooling system? Unfortunately, it is often overlooked in a maintenance regimen.  

Even After Brutal Practice, Menendez Claims 2nd At Santee-Cooper


Even After Brutal Practice, Menendez Claims 2nd At Santee-Cooper

“The first day of practice, I had one bite. The second day I’m not sure I had any bass bites at all.  The third day I caught a six-pounder on a crankbait in a forest of flooded timber, and had three other bites in another area known as Stump Hole Swamp.  That was my total practice.”

Talking Tides with Capt. Terry Sullivan

Striped bass in the northeast, redfish and trout in the southeast and Gulf, snook in Florida – all are tide dependent.

Whether you’re new to coastal fishing or have been at it for a long time, understanding the influence tides and currents have on fish movement and feeding can help you spend your time on the water more productively. There’s a lot more to tides than just highs and lows.


Shallow Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, Jigs Take Canterbury To 3rd In Classic

Yamaha Pro Fished Exactly The Way He Prefers
Scott Canterbury never knew it, but had he caught a four or four and a half-pound bass essentially anytime during the final day of last month’s Bassmaster Classic®, he would have won bass fishing’s biggest event.  He didn’t, but the Yamaha Pro has no regrets.

Out of Africa

So how did a bass-fishing, country music-loving 21-year-old from Zimbabwe manage to make the 8,500-miles trek to Nashville to be part of the Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program? A little luck, perseverance and a lot of help from new friends.

More than 6,000 Pounds of Trash Removed from Bassmaster Classic® Waters

A group of good-hearted volunteers, under the direction of Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful and with support from Yamaha Rightwaters™, removed 6,742 pounds of trash from Bassmaster Classic shorelines and waters.

Canterbury Collects $20,000 Bonus Through Yamaha Power Pay

Scott Canterbury would’ve needed to work a whole lot of weekend overtime jobs in his previous construction and plumbing career to make the kind of contingency bonus money he won after three days of impressive shallow water success at the Bassmaster Classic® in Knoxville. He finished third in the nation’s biggest bass fishing tournament and earned a $20,000 Yamaha Power Pay bonus.

Marathon Runners

Charleston Water Taxi has managed to wring an incredible number of hours out of its Yamaha outboards despite putting them to the ultimate test.
If a recreational boater puts 300 hours on their outboard in one year, it means they went boating more than twice as much as the average boating enthusiast. But for Charleston Water Taxi, it represents just a month’s worth of work for its fleet of four Yamaha-powered boats that ply the Ashley and Cooper Rivers in this historic part of coastal South Carolina. Since its founding in 2008, co-owners Chip Deaton and Scott Connelly have always relied on Yamaha outboards for one good reason, according to Connelly, “Their reliability is off the charts. Since we began service, we’ve lost a total of one day of service because of an engine failure that required us to change an oil pan.”

Christie Definitely Looking for Second Classic Title

Yamaha Pro Knows Competition Will Be Tough
A lot of fishing fans will be pulling for Jason Christie to win his second consecutive Bassmaster Classic® title this month, including the champ himself, but to do so, the Yamaha Pro will have to out-fish 54 very serious competitors who will do their best to keep him from accomplishing the feat.  

‘Junk Fishing’ For Individual Bass May Be Best Approach On Some Lakes

Yamaha Pro Bryan New Used Technique
To Jump-Start His Bassmaster Career
Imagine, if you will, starting your fishing day casting to boat docks, then moving out to deeper brush piles, jumping over to a nearby ledge, then back shallow to try the shoreline weeds.  That’s all in the first hour, and Yamaha Pro Bryan New will keep it up all day. To him, it’s not nearly as disorganized as it sounds.

Knots to Know

Four simple knots that will cover most of your fishing needs
It seems like a regular occurrence. You’re looking through your favorite fishing magazine or scrolling through one of the many saltwater fishing forums on the Internet and you come across someone touting the latest “new” knot that you just have to learn. Most are overly complex versions of basic knots that have been around for a long time, only they look like they require five hands to tie. Fishing knots don’t have to be that difficult or confusing. A wise mentor once advised, “You’re better off knowing a few knots you can tie well than a bunch of knots you tie poorly.” Sage advice. Here are four knots that are simple to learn, easy to tie, and when done correctly are as strong, if not stronger, than the latest new knot of the month. 

Winter Boating Tips

Are you a year-round boater? If so, then you should read this.
It was January 2, and a snowstorm had just passed through central New Jersey. The temperatures were in the teens, and the wind was blowing so the wind chill was pushing zero. The marina was empty except for four boats still floating in their slips, and all four just happened to be Yamaha-powered center consoles in the 24-to-32-foot range. Without doubt, all of these were hardcore recreational fishing boats. From the footprints in the snow you could see that three of the owners had already been there to shovel the decks, the fourth would likely be along shortly. 

The Frigid Truth About Hypothermia

As harsh weather and cold-water temps continue through the next few months it’s important to review the impact weather can have on the human body. Have you ever failed to dress properly for the wind chill at an outdoor event? Broken a sweat while hiking in the cold? Fallen overboard while boating in low water temperatures? While all these situations may contain varying levels of severity, the truth is hypothermia can derive from all of them. 

Lane Gratified At Success Of His High School Fishing Tournament



Yamaha Pro has 382 Younsters from 8 States in Attendance for 11th Annual Event

It began with a phone call, 18 high schoolers, and a day of bass fishing on beautiful Lake Kissimmee.  Each young angler received a Yamaha cap and wrist band, and veteran Yamaha Pro Bobby Lane went home with a new passion.

Basic Ropecraft: Five Knots Every Boater Should Know

If you spend a little time in docking areas, you’ll be able to identify the novice boaters from the experienced just by watching how they tie up their boat. When you see a shiny new boat pull up to the dock and someone on board throw a few granny knots around a cleat or piling to secure it, there’s a good chance you are observing a new boater in action. Watching someone else struggle to untie their boat because they used an incorrect knot to secure it is another identifier. While most boating courses teach newcomers the basic rules of the road and safe operation of their craft, very few cover ropecraft – and it is an important part of safe boating. Just ask anyone who has watched their boat drift away from the dock and down the river after it was improperly secured, only to watch it hit two other boats before it was rescued by a passing Good Samaritan. 

Top 10 Safety Precautions for the Boating Off-Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and the temperature is steadily dropping. While many Yamaha owners have stored their boat for the winter, others are changing fishing tactics to account for the drop in water temperatures. 
Maintenance and preparation are the foundation of water safety. Follow these top tips to keep your equipment functioning properly through the colder months and prepare for the return of boating season.

Lost Fish Still Haunting Walters As He Remembers 2022 Elite Season

Line Frayed on Biggest Smallmouth He’s Ever Seen
For most tournament anglers, two top-ten finishes and claiming fifth place in the Bassmaster® Elite Series Angler of the Year race would be considered a very successful season, but not for Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters. It could easily have been better, except that he spent too much time duck hunting.

Elite Pro Cook Hoping for Return Invitation to Redfish Cup


Yamaha Pro Thoroughly Enjoys His First ‘Real’ Redfish Experience

 Saltwater redfish have not replaced largemouth bass as Drew Cook’s favorite fish, but the Yamaha Pro definitely has a higher level of appreciation for them after finishing third in the recent Yamaha Bassmaster® Redfish Cup Championship, held on the Laguna Madre at Port Aransas, Texas.

Joining a Holiday Parade

Every year, there are more than 100 holiday boat parades throughout the United States. Here’s how to join the fun.
It’s not surprising most holiday boat parades are held in warm weather states since most boats are hibernating during that time of year in the frosty north. But sometimes, living in balmy climates makes it hard to get into the holiday mood. Joining a parade might just be the thing for jump-starting your season.

What Boaters are Thankful For

While these three families have different stories, they all have plenty to be thankful for.

Fishing with Helm Master® EX: Deep Wreck and Deep Drop Fishing

The first thing Freddy Gamboa did after he verified the wreck’s position was to make a quick survey of the entire structure using his depthfinder and chartplotter to see where the fish were concentrated. Freddy is owner and captain of the Yamaha-powered 44’ Contender® Andrea’s Toy. The large ship sunk during World War II and, through experience, he understood fish moved around it, often switching feeding stations with changing currents, so the placement of the boat over the structure impacted the success of his anglers. Next, he learned how the current and wind would affect the boat by stopping and drifting for a few minutes to create a short trail on his plotter to use as a guide. Once that was done, he approached the wreck from the opposite direction of the drift and moved into position over the spot where he marked the most fish and pressed a button. That’s when Helm Master® EX took over, holding the boat in position with the bow into the current. 

Iaconelli Staying Busy After 2022 Elite Season

Yamaha Pro Fills Off-Season with Family, Hobbies, and Foundation Work
As a professional fisherman who has won the Bassmaster Classic®, three other Elite Series events, and a B.A.S.S.® Angler of the Year title, Michael Iaconelli’s hobby of collecting old ink bottles might seem a little unusual.  For the well-known Yamaha Pro, however, it has been a passion he’s followed for more than 35 years.

Lake of the Ozarks – Fall Boaters' Paradise


With more than 54,000 surface acres and 1,150 miles of shoreline, this serpentine body of water was at the time the largest manmade lake in the United States and one of the largest reservoirs world-wide. Lake of the Ozarks still ranks as one of the country’s larger manmade lakes; it’s also one of the most beautiful…especially in fall.

DIY - Winterize Your Yamaha Four-Cylinder Outboard

Yamaha offers a popular line of four-cylinder four-stroke outboards that are used in a wide range of single and twin installation applications, in both fresh and saltwater, all over the world. From pontoons to center consoles, bass boats to work skiffs and even water taxis, they are great performers and real workhorses. The most popular are the F90, F115 and F150 models, and many are used in climates where they are taken out of service for the winter months. 
While there’s definitely merit in having your outboard winterized by a certified Yamaha dealer, the process is simple enough for owners to do themselves when armed with the right tools, products, and a bit of proper education.

Weather: The Risk Doesn’t Outweigh the Reward

Whether it’s a slick calm evening for the perfect kayak trip down the river, the sun is shining for a family lake day, or the wind is blowing to make the bass crush a spinnerbait – the weather plays a key role in us enjoying the outdoors. Boaters are responsible for monitoring the weather and for making smart choices about how they spend time outside accordingly. Preparation for an outing to the water should begin well in advance. Use these key tips to respect the weather and maximize your time enjoying the great outdoors.

Propelling Into the Future

A blend of automation and hands-on craftsmanship helps transform wax and metal into works of art called Yamaha propellers
When touring the new state-of-the-art Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers Inc. (YPPI) facility in Greenfield, Indiana, it’s hard to believe its origin can be traced back to a two-car garage in Indianapolis in 1969 where founder Jim Booe would repair props and also tweak them to make boats go faster. Later, he began making his own quality propeller and Yamaha Marine became one of his best customers. When Yamaha acquired Precision Propeller Inc. in 2008, it built on the work previously done and began a steady progression of modernization that took a quantum leap when it opened the Greenfield facility in July 2021. The Indianapolis plant is still operating and while the manufacturing — including the foundry — transitioned to the new facility, it’s still used to put the final touches on the propeller and prepare them for shipping. 

Top 5 Football Stadiums to Visit by Boat

Here are five of the best stadiums to visit by boat
While the majority of football fans throughout the country have their pre-game get-togethers in stadium parking lots, a select few places are perfect for taking family and friends to the game in style on your boat.

‘Subtle’ Practice Clues Lead Palaniuk To Second Bassmaster® AOY Title

Three Top-10 Finishes Highlight Challenging Elite Season
If you ask Brandon Palaniuk to name the highlight of his 2022 Bassmaster® Elite season, it won’t be the fact he won his second Angler of the Year award, but rather, the birth of his daughter Kora on June 6, the day after he finished 7th at Pickwick Lake. The fact she arrived a week later than expected allowed the Yamaha Pro to fish the full event, so in her own way she contributed to her father’s success before he even met her.

Troubleshooting Trifecta

Tackle the top three marine electrical issues simply and systematically 
Marine electrical problems can be extremely frustrating and can cause a great deal of confusion. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction with professional advice and some easy preventive maintenance tips to keep that electrical juices flowing like they should.

Critters are Attacking my Boat!

Taking some simple precautions can prevent animals of all sorts from making a mess on your boat and costing big money for repairs
When Frank Wilhelm visited his house on Lake Norman last winter, he walked out to the dock and hopped on his Suncatcher® pontoon, thinking he would run his Yamaha VMAX SHO® 225 for a while to keep it in mid-season form. But when he turned the key…nothing…no trim, no lights and never mind turning over, the starter wouldn’t even click. He had the battery on a trickle charge so he knew it had juice and figured the problem was something simple like a blown fuse so he took it to the local shop for a diagnosis.

Yamaha Pros Hope Their Experiences Can Contribute To Invasive Species Study

Jason Christie, Mark Menendez, Ish Monroe Offer Decades of Nation-Wide Fishing Expertise
Zebra mussels, Asian carp, hydrilla, snakeheads.  Mark Menendez has seen each of these invasive species and the environmental problems they have created.  Now the Yamaha Pro hopes his 30 years of tournament experience across the nation can be useful in creating new approaches to controlling them. Fellow Yamaha Pros Ish Monroe and 2022 Bassmaster Classic® winner Jason Christie feel the same way.  All three have been named to the recently-formed Aquatic Invasive Species Commission that will present its findings to Congress in 2023.  

Take Command of Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha gives you the tools to reduce fuel consumption
Gasoline—it was once so cheap it was a non-factor in everyday life. You stopped at the gas station and filled up that gas guzzling four-wheeled monster without a second thought. The same went for your boat. Gather up the family, fill the tank and away you’d go for an afternoon of fishing, waterskiing or cruising because fuel expense was just no big deal for the average middle class family.

The Accident That Changed My Life

On January 14th, 2017, I launched to fish a college bass fishing tournament on Lake Seminole in Bainbridge, Georgia. As we idled by the takeoff dock, we had our life jackets on, fully fastened, navigational lights in and on, and my engine cut-off device attached and in proper working order. Roughly two miles down the Flint River, my hydraulic steering came completely apart, ejecting my partner and me from the boat at roughly 50 – 55 miles per hour. Nearby competitors called the tournament officials who safely took us to shore. Thankfully, we walked away with only a few scratches and bruises. 

Fishing to Save Lives: Reflections from Manhattan Cup

Yamaha is a four-year returning sponsor of the Manhattan Cup, an all-release charity event created to honor and engage American heroes in need of support and recognition. Initially, the beneficiaries of the event were New York City first responders who suffered from PTSD in the wake of the tragedy and horror of 9/11, but, after a dozen years, the focus shifted to members of the U.S. military returning from tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Let’s Go Lobstering!

Finding, catching, cleaning and cooking spiny lobster is easy with the right techniques.

Hunting for spiny lobster is about the closest thing to an Easter egg hunt for seafood as you’ll ever find. The beauty of the sport is that with a little instruction, even first-time hunters can succeed and nothing tastes better than lobster you’ve caught yourself.

Try Topwater Fishing for Exciting Summertime Action

Yamaha Pro Keith Combs Always Keeps Two Surface Lures Rigged and Ready
It’s summer, the time of year when Keith Combs narrows his lure selection, no matter where he’s fishing.  The Yamaha Pro enjoys topwater fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth, so the rods on his boat deck this month will always include two rigged with surface baits.

Can Oyster “Recycling” Lead to Carbon Sequestration?

Yamaha Rightwaters and CCA Sponsor Unique Program
This May, Yamaha Rightwaters joined forces with Texas A&M University’s® Harte Research Institute and the Coastal Conservation Association® to initiate a new conservation project designed to evaluate the role of oyster reefs in capturing and storing carbon in St. Charles Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. The ultimate goal is to potentially scale the program to a larger scope.

Boating Under The Influence- It’s Not Worth The Risk

Summer is here! Whether you’re paddle boarding down a river, fishing with family or headed to the sand bar with friends, we must remember that our actions on the water impact others. Hundreds of decisions must be made throughout the day to enjoy a safe and successful boat trip. One of the most important decisions we can make is never boating under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. 

Be a Sun-Savvy Boater

Protection is Key to Preventing Sun Damage
For millions of Americans, there is no place they would rather be than on the water enjoying the boating experience. Whether you are water skiing, fishing or just enjoying time with friends on a beautiful sunny day, being on the water is an extremely popular form of recreation. As with any outdoor activity, there are precautions that should be considered, and not all of them revolve around the safety equipment or the safe operation of your vessel. Everyone who spends a lot of time on the water shares a concern about exposure to the sun and, without taking the proper precautions, there is potential of falling victim to a number of health problems that can arise as a result. 

Manners for Mariners: Play Well with Others

The boating lifestyle has its own set of official rules that we’ve covered in previous editions of the Boater’s Log series. In addition to the governmental mandates, a big part of being a safe, responsible boater is becoming familiar with the fundamentals of nautical courtesies.
We’re not going to get into the minutiae of the hardcore yachting community – there are entire volumes dedicated to these age-old protocols – we just want offer some insights on applying common-sense manners while you’re out on the water.

How to Handle Fish From Net to Table

Great fish starts with proper handling and not overcooking it 

It was an awesome day on the reef. The snapper and grouper were biting and the anglers were steadily catching keepers and tossing them into the fish box. Before long, they hit their limit and headed home. After cleaning the catch and stuffing gallon-sized plastic bags with filets, the weary band agreed to meet a couple of days later for a feast. After seasoning the fish with a super-secret blend, they are tossed on the grill and the “chef” made sure they were thoroughly cooked because this wasn’t some fancy sushi-eating crowd. The result was a plateful of dry, mushy, fish with an off taste. So, what went wrong? One word: everything

Not Surprisingly, Walleye Most Popular For North Dakota Anglers

When your father and uncle help you catch your first walleye when you’re just six years old, you live only 60 miles from one of the best walleye lakes in the United States, and there are tournament opportunities available practically every week during the summer, it’s hard not to become a walleye fisherman. 

Top 10 Boating Safety Tips

The month of May is National Water Safety Month. As we gear up for the summer, I wanted to share my Top 10 boating safety tips. Using these key tips will allow you to maximize your time on the water, enjoy recreating with others and most importantly return home safely. 

Three Keys to Becoming a Better Wake Sports Driver

Awareness, communication and sensitivity to what’s best for the skier/rider are three crucial areas to improve upon to become a better wake sports driver. Your goal is to adopt a towing mindset that promotes success, fun and safety. 

First Bass of the Day May Be Your Most Important Fish

Yamaha Pro Drew Cook Offers Tips For Finding Bass in May
Drew Cook had fished South Carolina’s famous Santee Cooper Lakes, Marion and Moultrie, only once previously several years ago, but in a recent Bassmaster® Elite Series tournament there, the Yamaha Pro led the event from start to finish, winning with a total of 105 pounds, 5 ounces. In winning, he followed the very same advice he offers everyone when describing how to locate bass on an unfamiliar lake.

Fishing with Helm Master® EX

Installment 2: Techniques for Working Structure & Shorelines

As we approached the abandoned lighthouse that stands on a manmade rockpile along the western edge of the thoroughfare leading into New York Harbor, our boat was lifted by a large swell. Solid eight footers broke on the rocks creating a profusion of white water that cascaded around the back side and down the jetty rocks that, in bygone days, protected the lightkeeper’s boat. The conditions were ideal for striped bass and bluefish to use to their advantage when hunting. The closer we got, the more excited we became about casting into the swirling maelstrom because we knew the fish would be there.

Four Great Midwest Boating Destinations

For those who wonder how Midwesterners put up with the region’s long winters…experience a Midwestern summer and you’ll understand. 

Summer in the Midwest is unlike anywhere else, with beautiful waters and with few exceptions, some of the best boating and fishing anywhere. If you want to experience some of the best boating in the Midwest, here are four stand-out destinations.

Yamaha Pro Bobby Lane Won’t Forget Last Few Minutes of REDCREST Championship

Week-long Tournament Decided On Lane’s Very Last Fish

Bobby Lane loves bass fishing more than most, but he’ll be the first to admit the final two minutes and 12 seconds of the recent Redcrest Major League Fishing® Championship. on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake were among the most difficult he’s ever had to endure. The Yamaha Pro had to wait that long hoping no one else caught a bass that would steal his greatest career victory.

Spring Florida Gulf of Mexico Getaway

To get a jump on your upcoming boating season, trailer on down to Florida.
Boaters who live up north know winter can drag on forever and even when the air temperature finally gets spring-like, the water is still really cold. The best way to snap out of the winter blues is a road trip to somewhere warm where you can jump in the water and celebrate the new boating season in style.

This is Why We Fish

Yamaha Pro Anglers, ClemsonLIFE Students Make Memories on the Water
The 2022 Bassmaster Classic® in Greenville, S.C. was one for the books for the Yamaha Pro team. Though Jason Christie was the one to raise the championship trophy at the end of the tournament, three Yamaha pros took home a different kind of rewarding experience from the hectic Classic week.

Spring into the Boating Season

Spring is here bringing with it warmer, longer days and more opportunities to get out on the water. For boaters in cooler climates, the arrival of spring means it’s time to get busy prepping their boats for the first official splash of the season.

Boating Safety Checklist

As boating season kicks into full swing and lakes begin to thaw, it’s time to discuss steps I recommend taking in order to enjoy safe days on the water. Whether you’re using your boat every weekend or prepping to take it out of winter storage, a boating safety checklist is a must. Not only will it allow for maximum time on the water, but it also contributes to making waterways safe. 

Christie Throws Out Past History In Winning Hartwell Classic

Yamaha Pro Fishes All New Water Despite Runner-up Finish in 2018
The recent 2022 Bassmaster Classic® on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell may be remembered as much for what winner Jason Christie did not do as it will be for what the Yamaha Pro did do, and it started on his first practice day. “My very first impression when getting on the lake was that the water was not nearly as dirty and off-colored as I expected it to be,” Christie explains. “It was much clearer than I thought it would be."

Marine Industry Careers: The Teacher

Lucy Berg was in her early 20s and had enlisted in the United States Air Force. She chose a job working on heavy equipment and vehicles. Despite the fact that she scored well in the aptitude test, the male peers in charge of the shop didn’t make it easy for her to fit in.

Name That Boat!

Naming a boat is easy, inexpensive and makes it unique
Every boat should have a name that reflects an owner’s personality. It could be a nod to the breadwinner’s profession, an inside joke, or a tribute to a special person in the owner’s life. A named boat is a personal statement that brings life to the most special, inanimate thing you own. 

Fishing with Helm Master® EX

Slow Trolling Live Bait Simplified
One of the most common techniques for catching fish in both fresh and saltwater is trolling. Whether you’re fishing for walleye on a midwestern lake or marlin far offshore, trolling can provide the most consistent return in hookups and landings during your time on the water. Trolling allows an angler to cover more water while presenting multiple baits and is applicable to a wide variety of species. You can troll using lures, live bait, rigged dead bait or some combination. While the basic concept of using the boat to pull your offerings remains constant, the tackle and how the boat should be set up and used may vary. 

Yamaha Pros Have ‘Wait And See’ Plans As Bassmaster Classic Draws Near

Weather Conditions Will Dictate Strategies For Wes Logan and Caleb Sumrall
The first tournament Yamaha Pro Caleb Sumrall fished on massive 56,000-acre Lake Hartwell completely changed his life. Now, fellow Yamaha Pro Wes Logan hopes the first tournament he fishes on Hartwell will change his life, as well. The two Elite Series anglers are among the 55 qualifiers for the 2022 Bassmaster Classic® that will take place on the South Carolina impoundment March 4-6. A total of 16 Yamaha-sponsored fishermen will be part of the star-studded field, each hoping to take home the $300,000 winner’s prize as well as sponsor bonuses and contingency awards, certainly enough to change any angler’s life.

Back to Basics: Boating Terms


Definitions, Descriptions and Terms for the Recreational Boater

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a veteran boater or a boat salesperson, nodding your head knowingly as they spoke, without having a clue what they’re talking about? Nautical jargon fills the air during boat show season and, if you are relatively new to boating, it can be like trying to understand a foreign language.

Teasing Bluewater Brawlers

Successful offshore trolling techniques for outboard powered boats 
As more center console boat owners take up the challenge of fishing offshore for billfish and tuna, the introduction of innovative new gear and boat rigging methods help their cause tremendously. Consistent success trolling for pelagics requires the use of intricate teasers systems. However, trying to match the spread of large sportfishing yachts has been a problem for center consoles - until now. New developments are putting outboard-powered boats on par with the battlewagons.

Veteran Pros Try To ‘Move On’ After Having A Bad Tournament

Yamaha Pro Jason Christie has collected three victories in the Bassmaster® Elite Series through years of competition, including a memorable win during the 2021 season on the Sabine River.  Still, with all his success, he has certain tournament days he’d really like to forget. So does fellow Yamaha Pro Scott Canterbury, winner of the coveted B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title in 2019 as well as two Forrest Wood Cup championships during a stellar career on the FLW™ Tour.

Yamaha Veterans Anxious For 2022 Elite Competition to Begin

Menendez Starting 31st Pro Season; Iaconelli Returning After MLF Absence
Yamaha Pros Mark Menendez, Michael Iaconelli, and Brandon Palaniuk, all highly-decorated Bassmaster® Elite Series competitors, each agree the 2022 Elite season will be one of the most competitive they’ve ever experienced – and that’s why they’re so anxious for the tournament year to begin.

Blending Their Different Worlds, Zaldain and Rickard Win Redfish Cup

Freshwater and Saltwater Pros Meet To Combine Their Experiences in Unique Event
One is a seasoned bass tournament angler who has qualified for seven Bassmaster Classics® but had never before specifically targeted redfish as his quarry. The other is a licensed saltwater charter captain who never fishes for bass.

Weakfish Comeback

Anglers are seeing more of this popular gamefish in Mid-Atlantic waters. Are the stocks finally improving? 
“One of my fondest memories as a kid growing up on Staten Island involved a weakfish,” Captain Frank Crescitelli recalled. He made the comment while we were standing on the bow of his 24-foot Yamaha-powered Blue Wave bayboat casting into the pristine waters of Little Egg Harbor, not far from his house in Beach Haven, New Jersey. We were using small plastic tail jigs and very light spinning tackle, swinging them in the current as they sunk into a deep hole where two channels converge. And we were catching, you guessed it, weakfish. 

Thanksgiving on a Boat

For something different this year, try holding your Thanksgiving feast aboard your boat to create new memories afloat.
Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a rut during the holidays. For many, Thanksgiving means having the same food in the same place every single year. This time around, get creative and hold a feast on the water. One thing’s for certain, you can be sure no one will forget it.

Bass Fishing Hall Of Fame Recognizes Yamaha Pro’s Many Accomplishments

Jay Yelas Has Three Angler of the Year Titles, Bassmaster Classic Win in 34-year Career
In the more than three decades since he graduated from Oregon State University, Jay Yelas has never worked a day in his chosen field of study, Resource Recreation Management.  Instead, just weeks after receiving his diploma, the Yamaha Pro competed in his first major national bass fishing tournament, and he’s been a fulltime professional bass angler ever since.

“Life-Changing Moments” Take Yamaha Pro Darold Gleason From Pond Fishing to Bassmaster Elites

Following Long List of Toledo Bend Guides into Pro Ranks
Whenever Darold Gleason has a few quiet moments to reflect on his career as a professional fisherman, his thoughts always return to a five-pound largemouth he caught when he was seven years old.  It was the Yamaha Pro’s first-ever bass, and it hit a bream he’d just hooked on a live cricket he was fishing under a cork.

Planning to Camp this Fall? Consider Camping on your Boat!

Fall is in the air and with cooler weather on the horizon, many plan to take in the beautiful scenery while camping. A great alternative to the traditional campground is camping on your boat. It’s safe, inexpensive, fun and promises build memories that will last a lifetime.

Failure, Gumption, Determination, Passion

Krista Miller proves women can become successful charter captains, too!
 Captain Krista Miller runs a successful charter business, Island Charters, off St. George Island in the Florida panhandle. The quiet area is a highlight of the state’s “Forgotten Coast” and a peaceful retreat for many families year-round. Krista stays busy booking up to two charters a day for over 10 captains (including herself). Her path to success was not easy, but the lessons she learned along the way gave her the motivation she has today. 

Versatile Topwater “Poppers” Work Well for Fall Fishing

Yamaha Pro Bobby Lane Believes These Lures Will Catch Bass Anywhere Right Now
Among his peers in professional tournament competition, Bobby Lane is best known for his skill using spinnerbaits and Carolina rigs, but when water begins cooling in the autumn, the Yamaha Pro often changes to a topwater popping plug. Usually considered a summertime lure, Lane actually keeps a popper tied on throughout the fall months.

The Quest for the Ring-Atlantic City

This July, NFL® Hall of Fame Coach Jimmy Johnson brought his popular Quest for the Ring® Billfish Tournament Series North to the New Jersey resort town Atlantic City, and with it the opportunity for many tournament teams that have not experienced that level of competition and excitement to get in on the action. 

Iaconelli Checks Pro Kayak Win Off of His Bucket List

Yamaha Pro’s Victory Comes In Final Minute of Competition
Michael Iaconelli has won a Bassmaster Classic®, an Angler of the Year title, and too many other bass fishing events at every level of the sport to list, but the Yamaha Pro recently added still another title that really has him excited. After three years of trying, he won his first professional kayak bass tournament, and he did it in pure Iaconelli style, catching the winning fish in the final minute of competition.

Technician Profile: Jami Miller, Yamaha Marine’s First Female Master Tech

Jami Miller has a long, distinguished career in the marine industry. A 36-year employee of Pine Knot Marine Center in Big Bear Lake, Calif., Jami not only has extensive service experience, she also has the credentials to prove her expertise. After years of hands-on training and hours of time dedicated to refining her craft, she became Yamaha Marine’s first female Master Technician in 2008. Her well-earned Master Tech title helped give her a solid and successful career in the marine industry.

Yamaha Presents the 20th Manhattan Cup

For the third time in the past four years, Yamaha proudly sponsored a very special fishing tournament – The Manhattan Cup.

“Our initial involvement as a supporting sponsor in 2018 gave us the opportunity to learn more about the event and the volunteers who make it happen,” said Martin Peters, Yamaha’s Sr. Manager of Government Relations, Communications and Dealer Education. “We were impressed and made the decision to take on the role of presenting sponsor in 2019 and again in 2021.” 

“Stars Have to Align Perfectly” to Make Bassmaster ® Century Club

Long before he became a fulltime professional bass tournament angler, Patrick Walters created his own bucket list of goals, including joining the Bassmaster® Century Club. That meant weighing in 100 pounds or more of bass during a four-day Bassmaster ® Elite tournament.

Scott Martin ‘Starting Over’ After 20 Years of Professional Fishing

Even though his professional fishing career began in 2000, Scott Martin describes his 2021 season as a “new beginning,” and now after his third Bassmaster® Elite Series tournament, the Yamaha Pro has two goals.  He wants to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic, and he wants to win the Bassmaster Classic®.

Safety Gear Review & Maintenance

For most of the country boating is in the deep freeze or at least curtailed due to winter weather, but we are all looking forward to warmer weather and the upcoming boating and fishing season, and that means this is a great time to review your boat’s safety gear, something that should be done on a regular basis. Yamaha always recommends safe and responsible boating practices, stressing the importance of having adequate safety equipment onboard and maintaining it in good working condition. With that in mind, let’s review the U.S. Coast Guard required safety gear for recreational vessels and what to look for to make sure it is in shape for the upcoming season.

Early Parental Support Leads Logan Into Professional Fishing Career

As Wes Logan made cast after fruitless cast on a cold, windy February day on Alabama’s Jordan Lake, he remembers getting so tired he put down his rod, zipped his life preserver a little tighter, and promptly fell asleep in the boat. It was during a bass club team tournament with his father, and he was six years old.

Australian Angler Carl Jocumsen Fulfilling His American Fishing Dream

The record book shows the 2019 Bassmaster® Elite Series tournament at Lake Tenkiller lasted four days, but for Australian angler Carl Jocumsen, who won that season-ending event, the tournament really lasted nine years. The Yamaha Pro had been in America that long struggling to fulfill his dream of having a professional fishing career in the United States.

Walters Never Expected to Catch So Many Bass at Lake Fork

In what some thought might be one of the toughest tournaments of the 2020 Bassmaster® Elite Series, the year’s final event at Lake Fork in November, Patrick Walters won with an astounding total of 104 pounds, 12 ounces, almost 30 pounds more than his nearest competitor, and the Yamaha Pro still isn’t sure how or why it happened.

Fishing with Helm Master EX

If saltwater fishing is your passion, you and your boat could have a new indispensable fishing tool—Helm Master® EX. It can make your fishing more precise, more productive, even less strenuous, and you can only get it with Yamaha Outboards. 

Wendlandt Thankful But Humbled After Winning Fourth AOY Title

A week after Clark Wendlandt had won his fourth Angler of the Year title, his first in the Bassmaster® Elite Series after winning three with the FLW® pro tour, the Yamaha Pro still had difficulty putting the experience into words.

Tuna on Top

Pop, Pop, Wow! What a Way to Fool a Pelagic Gamefish
There is nothing more exciting than witnessing a fish rush to the surface and explode on a surface plug! It is every angler’s dream scenario. Now, if that fish happens to be a tuna, you can up the excitement level by a factor of ten. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much experience you’ve had, it will get your heart racing and everyone on board screaming every single time.

Upgrade Your Electronics to Catch More Fish

Today’s marine electronics give anglers the tools needed to skip the lengthy search for fish and proceed directly to the fun part: catching them!

If you’re one of those people who don’t replace anything until it breaks and this also includes your fishfinder/GPS, there’s a good chance you have been left behind during the most amazing periods of advancement in marine electronics history. The biggest quantum leap occurred in 2009 when CHIRP technology migrated from the military to recreational fishing. Previously, sonar signals from fishfinders were a single-frequency, short-duration pulse sent out and returned that sometimes created an uncertain image on the screen… especially on the bottom. Is that a rock or a big fish? Higher in the column, the separation was such it was sometimes hard to distinguish between weeds and fish, and between big and small fish. The older units required experienced eyes to know what they were seeing.

Research, Pre-Planning Help This Pro Find Summer Bass

We recently caught up with the now 35-year-old Chris “Zaldangerous” Zaldain and asked him if he still uses the same methods to plan ahead. Chris stated, “This article highlights a scenario that happens frequently on tour, no matter which lake. I still study the lakes as much as I can prior to fishing them.” 

For second-year Bassmaster® Elite tournament angler Chris Zaldain, finding bass on lakes he’s never fished before involves a lot more than casting his favorite lure and hoping it lands in front of a hungry fish. The Yamaha Pro actually starts “fishing” a new tournament lake with hours of Internet research and map study weeks before he ever arrives at the water’s edge, a strategy especially important during the summer months when bass may be shallow, deep, or anywhere in between. 

For Chris and Trait Zaldain, Bass Fishing is a Family Affair

Husband and Wife Duo Compete in Both Bassmaster® Elites and Opens
He won the 2015 Bassmaster® Angler of the Year Championship tournament, finished 4th overall in the 2019 Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings, and placed 16th in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic®. She finished 4th in her first major bass tournament, and quickly moved up to the Bassmaster Central and Eastern Opens. Together, these two Yamaha Pros may soon become the first husband/wife team competing as Bassmaster Elite anglers.

Coast Guard Safety Inspections

Are you ready to pass a Coast Guard safety inspection? Coast Guard policy requires safety inspections as a method of outreach to the boating public to impress upon them the importance of carrying the necessary safety equipment in case of an emergency. When your boat is properly equipped, you can enjoy your time on the water even more with the peace of mind that you and your passengers are safe. These preventative inspections can happen at anytime so it’s important to make sure you are always ready. As these hard-working men and women of the Coast Guard put their lives on the line when called on to make hazardous rescues at sea, boaters need to prepare for and respect these inspections so that they are completed quickly and efficiently.

Props: How They're Made

Go inside Yamaha Precision Propellers, Inc. to see the art and craft of manufacturing propellers.

How to Winterize Your Boat


Everyone Should Promote Conservation

When you’ve been in the fishing business as long as I have, you tend to reflect on the “good days” and “special catches,” and not as much about opportunities for others to have those memorable days on the water.

It's a Matter of Timing

During seminars, I am often asked how long I stay on a spot trying to catch bass before I give up and move to some other location.

Gasoline Basics

It’s really nice to see gasoline prices dropping, as fuel prices are usually one of the largest expenses when fishing or boating.

Command Link Digital Gauges Keep You Informed

A lot of the new flats and bay boats on the market come with Yamaha Command Link® Digital Gauges as standard equipment...

Outboard Warranties Are Like Insurance For Your Motor

When you travel around the country hauling a boat and fishing for a living, it’s super important that your boat runs well.

Y-COP Shuts Down Outboard Thieves


If you haven’t heard about Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection or Y-COP, then you really need to read this blog.

Make Motor Flushing Part of Your Daily Routine


May is the top tarpon month in the Florida Keys, which means I’m on the water just about every day. I leave home in the dark and it’s usually dark when I get back home, so by this time of the month I’m running on autopilot.

Yamaha Outboards Mobile App is Essential for Anglers on the Road


On my way to the last Bassmaster Elite Series event on Toledo Bend, I realized that I didn’t pack my back-up prop.

Helm Master’s Digital Steering Makes Boating And Fishing Easier

When people talk about Yamaha’s Helm Master Digital Integrated Boat Control System, they seem to focus on joystick control, but Helm Master isn’t just a joystick; it’s digital steering that is by far the best you’ll ever experience.

Power Tilt and Trim Maintenance Makes a Difference

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the tilt and trim unit on your Yamaha outboard motor, but it’s one of the most essential components for getting the best performance out of your boat and motor.